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Dance Studio PRYZMAT from Olsztyn will show its performance The Selfies during the 22nd International Theatre Festival ?Rożdestwenski parad? in Saint Petersburg. The festival organiser is the Regional Department of Russian NGOs, The Association of Theatre Activists of the Russian Federation in Petersburg. On 16th December (Wednesday) at 7 pm, the group will present to the Russian audience a performance entitled The Selfies choreographed by Katarzyna Grabińska, featuring: Paulina Spiel, Monika Parafiniuk, Kamila Olszewska, Katarzyna Rutkowska, director?s consulting: Tatiana Asmolkova. The performance premiered in April 2014 in Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn. So far, it has been staged in Toruń, Gryfino, Słupsk and Mrągowo. It has received the main prize during the National Alternative Dance Theatre Festival OTWÓRZ OCZY. Dance Studio PRYZMAT participated in the festival owing to the Local Government of the Warmia-Masuria Province and the Education and Cultural Initiative Centre in Olsztyn.

This is not the first time that the group has travelled abroad this year. In August, they visited Israel on a two-week artistic residency.


About the performance:

To dance up to the limits of manipulation we are all facing every day. Product location, advertisement, campaigns, public opinion, media, authorities ? these are today?s wizards of fashion and our consciousness, skilfully and subtly sneaking into our lives. The strength of those mechanisms is pervasive. Free market and freedom of choice are nothing but an illusion. In fact, we are subordinated to the conditions enforced on us in the world determined by the never-ending pursuit of progress, visuality, self-deception, castings, glamour clothing for sale, marketing. Do we really measure our reality by the number of Facebook likes we receive? Manipulation and its strength, and in particular its limits, became the subject of interest of Contemporary Dance Studio PRYZMAT, because the focal point of all of those phenomena is always the human being. The group is making an attempt to demonstrate the complicated relations governing the reality, where feelings and human body become products. Can we actually live with another face than our own?


Selfie (a photograph taken of oneself and shared on a social media website) was named the most popular word of the year 2013 by the authors of Oxford University Press dictionaries.


Detailed information and festival programme:



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