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MAKT, or Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism, consisting in regular meetings of young masters of thinking and talking about bodies moving on stage, opens its next edition, yet the first held outside of Poland, on 18-23 September 2013 in Budapest at L1danceFest2013, with Hungarian and Italian participants joining in the project.

The idea of educating young dance critics by offering them possibility to collaborate directly with established artists and theoreticians (from the field of dance-related arts, such as theater, performance, film and visual arts) was born out of the assumption that a certain imbalance exists between the rapid development of contemporary dance in Poland and the development of in-depth reflection on it that would allow, both the artists and audience, to see the intellectual and aesthetic context of the art considered to be purely physical. A group of critically minded young people tours the most important festivals in Poland and abroad in the course of a year.

Among MAKT’s lecturers are academics and practitioners, classicists and revolutionaries, recognised artists worth recalling and unappreciated ones worth remembering. The participants of MAKT are young critics from all over Poland, as well as guests from Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, and Italy.

MAKT cannot work and does not want to work alone or in a vacuum; one of its goals is to create a network of cooperating institutions, independent experts and enthusiasts.

“Polish dance has entered the period of maturity; it seems to be the right time for it to participate fully in the cultural debate, and it is also high time for the people of dance to challenge themselves intellectually”, postulates Jadwiga Majewska, the creator of MAKT. Let us keep our fingers crossed for more ambitious initiatives like this one to surface; maybe one day we manage to set Europe in motion… as we think about her together.

During the session in Budapest we want to focus on light as an important part of dance performance, and on the heritage of post modern dance in contemporary dance performances.

This session of MAKT in Budapest is hosted by L1danceFest2013, in association with the Polish Institute in Budapest.

The next session of MAKT will fully focus on improvisation in dance and will be held on 7-12 November 2013 in Łódź.

The author and coordinator of MAKT: Jadwiga Majewska
Organiser: Museum of Art in Łódź
Cooperation: Theater and Drama Department of Łódź University

This MAKT session and symposium are part of the exhibition You come, we’ll show you what we do. About dance improvisation.

More details coming up soon.

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