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On 13-16 August 2016, Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sicily, will host the first installment of the ?SUDO? International Performance Art Meeting. The four-day meeting with 10 invited artists will be devoted to performance, choreography and movement practice. The meeting will initiate the ?SUTO? cultural project, whose mission is to promote, develop and reflect on the future of performance art and contemporary choreography in Southern Europe, in particular in Sicily.

Thanks to the support of Farm Cultural Park, the main contemporary art center in Sicily, ?SUDO? will host some of the most visionary, daring and sensitive young performing artists on the international scene. Joining their talents at the very heart of the European South, they will sweat together at the hottest time of the year, pondering the future development of performance arts and choreography on the island.

The invited performers derive the art from dance and choreography. Some of them gravitate toward body art, others pursue their goals through the means of visual arts and new technologies. 


SUDO International Performance Art Meeting is a laboratory for a group of 1 professional artists willing to inspire and nourish each other through the sharing of tools, methods, and reflections within the context proposed at ?SUDO?.


In Italian, SUDO means ?I sweat?.

It also contains the word SUD, which means ?South?.

?SUDO? is a sweaty southern performance.





Beginning here and now, we are not satisfied with the formulation of hypotheses, diagnose our stances, change our convictions and thought processes. We create a space for new dubieties and tease the unknown.  

Viewers are more than welcome to attend selected practical sessions as observers. Artists wishing to contribute to the process should send an e-mail to:



The residency will conclude with an open presentation on 16 August at FARM.


For more details about the program, visit:


?SUDO? curators and artists:

Lucia Di Pietro (Italy), Valentina Parlato (Italy), Marta Romaszkan (Poland)


Invited artists:

Fernando Belfiore (Brazil/Holland), Claudia Di Gangi (Italy), Petros Konnaris (Cyprus), Cristina Rizzo (Italy), Andrius Mulokas (Lithuania), Teresa Silva (Portugal), Marika Veca (Italy)



Organized by Azurro12 Produzioni, supported by FARM CULTURAL PARK.

Project Partner: Sense of Movement Foundation



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