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The annual KioSK festival of contemporary dance and theatre is taking place on 25-28 July 2013 in Zilina, Slovakia. This is already the six season of the event, its motto this year being “No dramaturgy, no responsibility?”.

Organised by the Stanica Culure Centre in Zilina, KioSK is a showcase of current productions of the Slovak independent theatre and dance scene. In the words of the organisers, the festival is addressed to “artists courageous enough to search, be authentic, truthful, [original] and modern; artists thinking about the world critically. […] KioSK is a space for experiment, artistic risk, genre overlap and provocation, but not at the expense of quality. Our ambition is to motivate and support formation of new forms of art on the Slovak scene”.

The programme embraces movement performances of musical or visual character, seasoned with kafkan overtones provided by the SkRat theatre in the form of their Process, process, process (Are you going to jail? Asshole!), some documentary theatre, contemporary opera and form theatre. This year the event has also exciting offerings for children. There will also be film screenings, amorning discussion forum, as well as expert talks, and a fair of local produce combined with an exchange of skills. At the end of festival, a POČIN award will be given to the most interesting work using lights.

The municipal camping site in Zilina is ready to welcome the festival’s participants.

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