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Stadttheater Gießen (Berliner Platz) is delighted to invite everyone interested to this Saturday?s premiere of a triple bill titled All we see (8 October, 7:30 pm), made up of pieces by terek Assam, Jacek Przybyłowicz and James Wilton. All three choreographies have been created based on Edgar Allan Poe?s short story The Fall of the House of Usher, to the music of Alan Parsons.


In this dance evening, for the three choreographers everything revolves around the gloomy and morbid atmosphere exuded by the House of Usher and its residents. Inspired by the account of the nameless narrator, who visits his nervous friend Roderick Usher in his estate, Tarek Assam, Jacek Przybyłowicz und James Wilton interpret the sentiment of this horror tale, each providing his own perspective and insight. They move their audience into a danced world of phantoms, open it to mental nervousness, and atmospherically describe an affection between two humans, which is hard to understand. Because it is not only the mental confusion of the landlord, that justifies the narrator’s fear and depression: The sudden death of his sister, Lady Madeline Usher, who suffers cataleptic attacks, her entombment in the catacombs of the house and her resurrection lead to the perfect catastrophe. 


The music of Alan Parsons, alternating between electronic and man-made sounds,underlines  the atmosphere of this evening.


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