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Rodion Shcherdin?s ballet on the story of Anna Karenina, the woman who challenged her destany, will be premiere on 13 May (7 pm) at the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań. The piece was choreographed by Tomasz Kajdański, director of the ballet companies at the Grand Theatre in Poznań and Anhaltischen Theater in Dessau. The stage design and costumes were created by Dorin Gal, freelancer and regular collaborator of such theatres as Deutche Oper Berlin and Teatro Communale Firenze. The musical director of the piece is Katarzyna Tomala.


The organisers would also like to invite everyone to the pre-premiere artist talk with Tomasz Kajdański on 13 May at 6 pm (Wojciech Drabowicz Chamber Auditorium). The meeting will be held by Katarzyna Gardzina-Kubała.


About the piece:

 For me, you and I are one. I see no hope of peace for you or for me in the future. I see the possibility of despair, of misfortune,–unless I see the possibility of happiness, and what happiness! ?the fleeting meeting between count Vronsky and Anna Karenina thrusts the latter outside of her ordinary grind. The newly enkindled flame of mutual feeling forces Anna to choose between satisfying her own desires and living up to the social expectations. Married to a much older state official, this exemplary mother and lady who has earned the respect of her high society peers risks everything when she plunges into a game of love and happiness. Where will the rushing train of desire take her?


Leo Tolstoi created a convincing and deeply psychological portrait of a woman yearning for passionate love in a society ruled by convention. His novel has seen numerous adaptations, in which Karenina?s role has been performed by such outstanding actresses as Greta Garbo or Sophie Marceau. Rodion Shchedrin, one of Russia?s foremost composers in the 20th century, transposed this literary bestseller into ballet. The momentous score of Shchedrin?s ballet reflects the rich emotional and psychological semitones of the character?s emotions and desires.


The Poznań production has been choreographed by the director of the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre, Tomasz Kajdański, who specialises in helping dancers develop their acting abilities and combining the classical and contemporary dance schools. 


Anna Karenina

Ballet in three acts

libretto: Boris Lvov-Anokhin based on the novel by Leo Tolstoi

musical director: Katarzyna Tomala

choreography: Tomasz Kajdański

stage design: Dorin Gal

multimedia projections: Lieve Vanderschaeve




Anna Karenina: Daria Sukhorukova

Alexei Karenin: Andrzej Płatek

Alexei Vronsky: Mateusz Sierant

Ekaterina Levina, ?Kitty?: Diana Cristescu

Konstantin Levin: Taras Szczerbań


Vocal duo:

Monika Mych-Nowicka

Piotr Friebe


Projected duration: 2 h, 1 intermission

More information:

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