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 Dominique, a solo choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński and performed by Dominik Więcek, received two audience awards at the 20th International Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival in Stuttgart. The audience appreciated the piece during the competition?s three-day preliminary round, and awarded it again during the final gala.


Competition results



1st prize: Sarah Murphy (Canada) for Enfant; 2nd prize: Fernando Troya (Spain) for Withering; 3rd prize: Mounir Ali (Egypt) for What About Dante



1st prize: Joeri Dubbe (Netherlands) for Enfant; 2nd prize: Louis Thuriot (Belgium) for Balance; 3rd prize: Ravid Abarbanel (Israel) for Underneath


Audience awards

First Choice Award and Final Choice Award: Maciej Kuźmiński (Poland) ? choreography, Dominik Więcek (Poland) ? performance for Dominique


Video Dance Prize: Sarah Murphy (Canada) for Enfant


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About the piece:

Dominique is an essay on female body, a specific feminist manifesto. The solo, danced by the strong and subtle Dominik Więcek, explores the notions of masculinity and femininity, their fluidity and arbitrariness. Depending on the social and political context, the dancer’s body transforms into a female body, a gender battlefield. With the aid of his costume ? a long, woman’s dress ? Dominik turns into a model on a runway, a Muslim woman in a burka, a priest preaching from a pulpit, and a female version of himself.  


choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński

dance: Dominik Więcek




Dominique performed by Dominik Więcek won the 2nd prize and audience award at the International Choreography Competition “Solo Dance Contest 2015” in Gdańsk as well as the first prize at the Warsaw Dance Platform 2015. Dancing the same solo, Tomasz Pomersbach was presented with the award for the best stage debut at the 3rd Koszalin Monodrama Days ? Debuts (2015).


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