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On Friday, 13 January 2017 (8:30 pm), as part of Tanztage Berlin 2017 at Sophiensaele (Sophienstraße 18), the female trouble collective will present the premiere of their performance VULVA CLUB #15 Crystal Anniversary. The piece will feature guest appearances by Tomasz Foltyn, Alice Heyward and Julia Rodriguez. With VULVA CLUB #15 the collective female trouble invites all to a choreographic encounter. The hosts meet their three guests, challenge them in discussions and performances and share art, politics and food with the audience.


Number of the magic square

Crystal Anniversary
2 Triangles

3 friends 3 guests 1 big birthday cake

female trouble celebrate anniversary and invite 3 guests
to throw a choreographic encounter

We are joining
over some poetry
in drag
over a story
over a song
over a toast
over a conversation
over a good conversation
over a celebration
and / of non-resolution

Duration: open end

Concept: female trouble

Choreography, performance:  female trouble

is a regular event series, an attempt towards peripheral visibility. With VULVA CLUB, female trouble invite guests and fellows to choreograph the encounters of art/works, people, communities and conversations ? all through mutual affection in real time. VULVA CLUB is usually an admission freeevent; on this special occasion the festival charges 3 Euros per ticket, for the oral pleasures that will be served.


female trouble are a friendship based collective (Roni Katz, Agata Siniarska, Xenia Taniko Dwertmann) working in Berlin since 2013. We share a mutual process of artistic, intellectual, personal and political exchange revolving around identities, bodies, femininities and feminisms. female trouble initiated the platform VULVA CLUB with the objective of bolstering and activating a community. On other occasions, we perform our practice of circulating scores that accumulate and reformulate three bodies reading, writing and dancing with one another through mutual affection in real time.


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The organizers on Tanztage 2017:

For 21 years now Tanztage Berlin has been a solid institution for the Berlin dance landscape and the most important date for up-and-coming choreographers of the city. Its 26th  edition will see the artists dive deep into the structures which surround us on a daily basis: in eight premieres and four revivals of past productions they will examine the measurability and illusion of time and will make the algorithms, which are imperceptible but yet constantly surround us in the internet, tangible to us in the analogue world. They transfer methods of musical composition into choreography and examine everyday gestures like an embrace as well as hauled out of daily life gestures of ritual worship. They dance with the mind, think with the body, they fight against reality and let vampires sink their teeth into the existential structures of desire and death!


Every year anew the Tanztage Berlin connect with a different non-European dance scene ? this time five artists from Tehran present their work. Other guests include three former Tanztage-artists who ask themselves whether the success in the past few years of documentary theater can also inspire dance to take a new look at reality. In short solo pieces they try out various documentary work processes.


Creating just as much commotion as the pieces themselves is the return of the feedback format Let?s Talk About Dance! Of course we can?t skip over the legendary festival parties at which the Berliner choreographers can be experienced live in performances, music projects and as DJs!


About the festival:


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