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On 11-27 October Tarnów-Mościce will host the 3rd International Festival of Dance Theatres “Scena Otwarta”, or Open Stage. This year the festival will be the place of dialogue and an attempt at understanding the identity and artistic sensitivity of artists who come from different cultural backgrounds but share the same passion for dance theatre.The event will feature eight theatre ensembles from different parts of the world, constituting a multicultural meeting and a confrontation of different theatrical techniques, “national characters”, tools and artistic visions. The audience will be treated to performances of Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt and Jo Strømgren Kompani of Norway;Cie Hervé KOUBI (France); Compagnie Thor (Belgium); Maria Kong Dancers Company (Israel). Poland will be represented by the ballet of the Silesian Opera, Teatr Wielki [Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre] in Poznań and the Impart Art Centre. You may win one of two double invitations to the whole festival. All you need to do is to answer the question: “What publication on dance was premiered during the first edition of the Open Stage Festival in 2011?”. Please send the answer to:

Artists of a given country, rooted in its culture, customs, history and religion, talk and describe the world in a specific way. But they also speak the language of dance which does not need words. The festival’s third edition asks how technique is influenced by cultural identity. Searching for the answer, the audience will attain a higher level of cultural competence and dance education, while dancers, choreographers and directors from Poland and abroad will exchange valuable mutual experience.The festival is co-financed by the EEG Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 provided by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, as well as with funds provided by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Małopolskie province.

The 3rd International Festival of Dance Theatres Open Stage will feature:

Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt (Norway) –Praeambulum

Jo Strømgren Kompani (Norway) –A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Cie Hervé KOUBI (France) –Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

Compagnie Thor (Belgium) –Clear Tears / Troubled Waters

Maria Kong Dancers Company (Israel) –Open Source

Ballet of the Silesian Opera (Poland) –Romeo i Julia[Romeo and Juliet]

Teatr Wielki in Poznań –Święto Wiosny[The Rite of Spring],Sacre

Impart Art Centre –Prometeusz[Prometheus]

The festival’s ambassadors:

Ewa Wycichowska– choreographer, teacher, dancer, professor of musical art, head of the dance department of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, director of the Polish Dance Theatre.

Jacek Przybyłowicz– Polish dancer and choreographer, deputy director for ballet of Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki [Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre] in Poznań.

Accompanying events:

Dance workshopsfor young dancers to bring their contemporary dance technique to a higher level run by Norwegian choreographer Hege Haagenrud and Polish dancer and choreographer Iwona Pasińska, to complete with a performance and documentary film depicting the passion for dance and emotions accompanying the production of the performance.

TV Magazine “Open stage”: A showcase of films presenting all the dance theatres and productions of the festival aimed at raising the audience’s competence as regards the reception of dance theatre through defining, or redefining, the term.

Film festival “Dance My Life and Love ”:A showcase of different film forms: feature films, etudes, documentaries, full-length animation and reportage.

Internet platform “Multimedia dance track”: A multimedia platform ( dedicated to dance enthusiasts, where a virtual meeting of choreographers, dancers, dance lovers and everybody passionate about dance can take place. You will find there a wide array of information on dance theatre, its history, tradition, different variants, or a meta-cultural character of this artistic language. The platform offers a map of Poland’s, Norway’s and Iceland’s most prominent dance centres, it is however the intention of its creators to expand it to cover the whole of Europe.

Exhibition of dance photographyFeaturingphotography of Norway’s Knut Bry, the exhibition focuses on movement as an impulse, creative force, trigger of transformation or destruction, that is a work which captures the emotions of a moving body. An exhibition catalogue will be published.

Book:My, Taniec. Antologia polskiej krytyki tańca po 1989 [We, The Dance: An Anthology of Polish Dance Criticism After 1989] by Jadwiga Majewska (ed.)

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The festival’s programme

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