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The 10th Poznań Ballet Spring is in full bloom – held at the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań, the festival was launched on 2 June. This edition is a display of Polish ensembles exclusively. As the festival’s director, Jacek Przybyłowicz wrote: “Until quite recently, going abroad was for Polish dancers the quickest way to make contact with world-class choreography. Fortunately, for a few years now we have been seeing a reversal of the tendency. Poland is hosting more and more artists from abroad, who come to our country in view of the possibility to work with the world’s best choreographers working as guests with Polish ballet ensembles. It is with great pleasure that I recommend the presentations of such artists as Ed Wubbe, Jorma Elo or Angelin Preljocaj, whose ballets are part of the repertoires of our Polish ensembles: Polish National Ballet, Opera Nova Ballet Ensemble and Kielce Dance Theatre. The programme of this year’s edition is understandably not a complete map of the most important dance productions to be seen in Poland. However, it represents a visible trend: the world’s top choreographies are more and more often realised by Polish ballet ensembles.”

This year sees the centenary of The Rite of Spring in Vatslav Nijijnsky’s choreography. To mark the occasion the festival will feature three renderings of The Rite. One of them is Sacre choreographed by Krzysztof Raczkowski, who cooperates with Johan Kresnik and the Polish Dance Theatre. In turn Poznań’s Grand Theatre has prepared a two-part Stravinsky Evening embracing the opera Oedipus the King in choreography by Jacek Przybyłowicz and a choreographic version of The Rite of Spring by Paul Julius. The festival will conclude with the premiere of the evening Lutosławski. Premiery młodych choreografów [Lutosławski. Premieres from young choreographers], showcasing works by dancers of Poznań’s Grand Theatre (19 and 20 June).

10th Poznań Ballet Spring – POLISH EDITION.THE PROGRAMME

2 June 2013 6 pm

ODCIENIE ZIELENI [Shades of Green]
The Green choreography by Ed Wubbe/Polish National Ballet
The Rite of Spring choreography by Angelin Preljocaj/Kielce Dance Theatre
(for adult audience only)

4 June 2013 7 pm

JEZIORO ŁABĘDZIE[Swan Lake] choreography by Kenneth Greve
Teatr Wielki w Poznaniu/Poznań Grand Theatre

5 June 2013 7 pm

FASCYNACJE [Fascinations] Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz

6 June 2013 7 pm

WIECZÓR STRAWIŃSKIEGO[Stravinsky Evening] Jacek Przybyłowicz/Paul Julius
Teatr Wielki w Poznaniu/Poznań Grand Theatre

9 June 2013 6 pm

SACRE choreography by Krzysztof Raczkowski venue: Malarnia Teatru Wielkiego/Poznań Grand Theatre’s Paint Shop
8.30 pm

19 June 2013 7 pm

LUTOSŁAWSKI. PREMIERY MŁODYCH CHOREOGRAFÓW[Lutosławski. Premieres from young choreographers]
Teatr Wielki w Poznaniu/Poznań Grand Theatre venue: CK Zamek premiere

20 June 2013 7 pm

LUTOSŁAWSKI. PREMIERY MŁODYCH CHOREOGRAFÓW [Lutosławski. Premieres from young choreographers]
Teatr Wielki w Poznaniu/Poznań Grand Theatre venue: CK Zamek

The production of “Lutosławski” was supported financially by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage under the programme Lutosławski 2013 – Promesa, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance

Tickets – special offer:

Two performances – PLN 60

Three performances – PLN 82

Four performances – PLN 104

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