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The core idea of this year?s International Festival of Dance and Performance Ciało/Umysł, which will take place on 4-12 October 2019, is reflected in the words ?transgression? and ?pleasure?. Read out together or separately, they let us interpret the meanings that span between them in numerous ways ? from attempts to melt in pleasure to the search for new paths in life and art. In their works, the artists invited for the Festival raise such issues as trespassing one?s  limitations to fully enjoy life, abandoning old patterns and building one?s self anew and  the search for absolute pleasure through the body. The programme of the 18th edition of the Ciało/Umysł Festival encompasses a showcase of performances created by artists from Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Italy and the USA, Lindy Hop dance workshops, meetings with artists and a new proposal for the festival audience entitled: let?s get to know each other, i.e. 20-minute introductory meetings aimed at introducing the audience to the context, aesthetics and format of the performance that they are about to attend. This year the Festival will once again be held in the spaces of Studio Theatre and Nowy Theatre in Warsaw.


For the first time, all the artists invited to the festival have already visited it before: Alessandro Sciarroni (presented at the C/U Festival for the first time in 2012) ? last year?s Golden Lion winner for lifetime achievements at the Venice Biennale; the Portuguese duo ? Ana Borralho and Jo?o Galante, known for developing projects that involve local artists and amateurs (for example in 2014 they invited 100 Warsaw residents to participate in the Warsaw Atlas). This year, Ana Borralho and Jo?o Galante turned to a group of young people aged 18-23 to ask them about their initiation into adulthood and about important transition moments in life. The effects will be presented in the performance entitled Trigger of Happiness featuring elements of dance. Iza Szostak will also refer to personal tropes in her solo performance Le Journal Secret, inspired by her secret diaries and experiences from the times of education in the field. In Le Journal Secret Szostak undertakes the challenge of archiving herself and exploring whom she ? the artist ? has become. Jacek Woźnica, a therapist, was also involved in the process of the work on Le Journal Secret, and as Szostak mentioned ? her ?auto-dance? ? will very physical character.


The festival will also feature ?three tenors?, as the Festival?s curator ? Edyta Kozak ? called them, dancers with a distinct personality, who will present their solo works: Alessandro Sciarroni ?  coming from the field of visual arts, Rafał Dziemidok ? an independent artist, currently living and working in Berlin, who, in his work How to Dance Forever, confronts the book of the same title, written by an American dancer Daniel Nagrin. The Festival will also feature the famous American dancer ? Trajal Harrell, in 2018 announced as the best dancer of the year by ?Tanz Magazine?. Since many years, Trajal Harrell has continued to enter into a creative dialogue with the heritage of Afro-American subculture (including voguing) and the circle of Judson Dance Theatre. This time, Harrell will attempt to deconstruct himself.


Apart from the above-mentioned performances, the festival will also feature a discussion with the participation of all invited artists. The festival will also present two shows of to come (extended) choreographed by the Danish artist Mette Ingvarsten ? well-known to C/U Festival audience since 2012. To come (extended) is a continuation of Ingvartsen?s project from 2005. This time, together with more than a dozen of dancers, Ingvartsen looks at human corporeality and sexuality, as well as the pursuit of pleasure in which the body may lose itself in some way. When speaking about this piece, the C/U curator ? Edyta Kozak said that to come (extended) is offers half an hour of reflection and half an hour of fun, it also offers the pleasure at the same time transgressing it.


Festival programme:




4 October 2019


le journal secret PREMIERE, 60?

Iza Szostak (Poland)



Trigger of Happiness Polish premiere, 80?

Ana Borralho & Jo?o Galante (Portugal)



18. C/U Festival opening



After-performance discussion ? Ana Borralho



5 October 2019


zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) le journal secret



le journal secret, 60?

Iza Szostak (Polska)


19.00 *

After-performance discussion ? Iza Szostak


20.00 *

zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) Trigger of Happiness



Trigger of Happiness, 80?

Ana Borralho & Jo?o Galante (Portugalia)





8 October 2019


How to Dance Forever in English  45?

Rafał Dziemidok (Poland)



zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) CHROMA_don?t be frightened of turning the page



CHROMA_don?t be frightened of turning the page

Polish premiere, 60?

Alessandro Sciarroni (IT)


9 October 2019


zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) How to Dance Forever



How to Dance Forever in Polish  45?

Rafał Dziemidok (Poland)



zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) Dancer of the Year



Dancer of the Year (Let?s get to know each other) Polish premiere, 50?

Trajal Harrell (USA)



Post-performance discussion ? Trajal Harrell, Alessandro Sciarroni, Rafał Dziemidok


11 October 2019


zaPOZNAJmy SIĘ (Let?s get to know each other) to come (extended)



to come (extended), 18+, Polish premiere, 60?

Mette Ingvartsen  (DK)



Post-performance discussion ? Mette Ingvartsen


12 October 2019


to come (extended), 18+, 60?

Mette Ingvartsen (DK)



Festival closing


21.30 – 00.00 *

workshops + party to the rhythm of Lindy Hop


(*) free entrance




Transgressing Pleasure

18. Ciało/Umysł Festival

International Festival of Dance and Performance Art

Artistic director: Edyta Kozak

Organizer: Fundacja Ciało/Umysł

Co-organizers: STUDIO Theatre, Nowy Theatre International Cultural Centre


Partners: network apap ? Performing Europe 2020 within the EU Programme ?Creative Europe?, Danish Arts Fundation, Flander State of the Art, Komuna//Warszawa, Dance Centre Warsaw.


Ciało/Umysł Festival is co-financed from the funds of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Media partners: Chilli Zet, TVP Kultura, Didaskalia, Teatr, taniecPOLSKA.p, Aktivist, Notes na 6 tygodni, In Your Pocket,,

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