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In January Maciej Kuźmiński’s Room 40, which won the audience award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014 in Lublin, is travelling to The Hague to be shown at Korzo Sall on 11 January at 4 pm. On the same night, as part of the All there is in January showcase, the theatre will also present HARY+++++ by the artistic duo of Anke Huyben and Dario Tortorelli featuring five elderly women.


From the organisers:


All there is starts 2015 with highlights from two national dance festivals from 2014: the Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht and the Polish Dance Platform in Lublin. For the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Dario Tortorelli joined with fashion designer Anke Huyben and five elderly people to work on the performance HARY +++++, a new episode of his Romeo Heart project with which he was a guest twice before in All there is. The precision and eloquence of Tortorelli?s sparse movement idiom wondrously amplifies the sincerity and grace of the bodies that have left their youth behind them. At the other end of the age spectrum, though just as precise and impressive, there is the choreography Room 40 that won Maciej Kuźmiński the public?s prize at the Polish Dance Platform. Four young dancers take the audience on a journey from total surrender to self-awareness.


From Stacz Wilhelm,curator of All there is:


I invented the series Dancing by Daylight, later rebaptized into All there is, some six years ago, partly as  a vehicle to enable young choreographers from abroad to perform in The Netherlands. Due to our subsidy system, this is almost not happening, which I considered unfair, knowing how important the international performances are for the young choreographers who are working with our production house. So I started this series on a pribciple of (almost) closed purses, meaning that the artist would earn a very, very modest fee, but their expenses would be taken care of by me. Like this the program is still expensive for Dutch standards, but still within a critical limit. I am happy that the series evolved into a platform that introduced many gifted choreographers into The Netherlands (see the file with the program history of the series).


Trailer of the Room 40

More abot Maciej Kuźmiński:


More information about the event

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