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We are very happy to announce that the Jury of the 4. RIFF: R.E.D. International Film Festival?s film contest, which takes place in Norway, awarded the 2nd prize to the short film  Budren (Polish Brzemię, Norwegian Bória). The film was inspired by the painting of Zofia Stryjeńska entitled Seasons. November – December (Pageant I – with a deer), which is rooted in the fascinations with the extraordinarily colourful Polish and Hutsul folk culture.


?We appreciate this dance film as a quite exquisite reference to the expressive dance theatre. It evokes colourful moving images from the old traditional Polish culture that go from folk festivities and celebrations to funeral processions. It is truly amazing, how the director makes use of the static camera, and how the processions continuously pass in front of the camera, carrying a lot of historical information and quite a lot of movement material danced by very good contemporary dancers. This film was inspired by a painting that depicts folk culture. Most probably it would have been the dream of any painter, to have the characters of his/her painting brought to life through such successful combination of dance, cinema and visual richness? – we read in the Jury?s statement.  

The short film Burden is directed byIwona Pasińska and she is also the author of the screenplay, cinematography ? Marek Grabowski, film editing ? Edyta Pietrowska, set design ? Andrzej Grabowski, costume design ? Zofia Grzybowska, Kuluza Studio, Andrzej Grabowski and Adriana Cygankiewicz. The music score is composed of: Ballada o sierotce (Ballad about an Orphan) ? atraditional song in the arrangement and performance of the Maliszów Band and Hutsul folk fanatsy composed and performed by Jan Malisz. The film features Polish Dance Theatre artists.


Burden, the 9-minute film, is also included in the official selection of two other film festivals: Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual in Guadalajara in Mexico and 6. International Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance in Valentia.


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