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On 15 and 16 January 2016 at 7.15 pm (local time) Izabela Chlewińska and Tomasz Bergmann will show DP1 at the Tokyo Experimental Festival Vol. 10. The Polish duo will make their first appearance at the event. Lasting from November to February, it explores experimental art in two sections: sound and performance. DP1 will be shown at Tokyo’s Hongo Gallery (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033).


It is already the third time Chlewińska and Bergmann will be showcasing their art to Tokyo. In 2012 the Polish dancer and choreographer showed her solo Tralfmadoriain the Japanese capital; in 2013, Chlewińska and Bergmann were artists-in-residence at the Tokyo Wonder Site and premiered their experimental piece DP1 at the X Theatre. Now, the work returns to Tokyo at the invitation of the Tokyo Experimental Festival.


About the piece:

DP1 is not a stage piece, not a concert, not a film, not an installation, not a lecture, not a performance. Dehumanised Project Nr 1 is an experiment on dehumanisation and new singularity. It is a clash of anti-globalist ideas and improvised music, new dance and absurd show. DP1 is a stage piece, a concert, a film, an installation, a lecture, a performance.”


DP1 (Dehumanized Project Nr.1) is a funny, scary, grotesque, abstract, surrealistic fairy tale about dehumanization ? the strongest mechanism that manipulates societies. This project is inspired by old science-fiction images like Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1932), 1984 by George Orwell (1949) or Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut (1959) that remind these days. DP1 is dedicated to Japanese society that represents very special combination of tradition and modernity and teaches us- European people- how to stand the test of contemporary times.


production and performance: Izabela Chlewińska, Tomasz Bergmann

text: Julia Holewińska

duration: 55 min.

world premiere: 19 June 2013, X Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

Polish premiere: 4 October 2013, Club Żak, Gdańsk, Poland

subsequent performances: Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan

Cyprian Kamil Norwid Theatre, Jelenia Góra, Poland

Tadeusz Łomnicki Nowy Theatre, Poznań, Poland

Juliusz Osterwa Theatre, Lublin, Poland

Supported by: Polish Institute in Tokyo, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Centrum w Ruchu


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