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Tomasz Bazan has started work on his new piece Whatever. Co-produced by the performing arts programme Archiwum Ciała [Archive of the Body] curated by Anna Królica, the piece is to premiere at CK Zamek in Poznań on 11 October. In November the production will travel to Kraków to be presented at Cricoteka – Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor as part of the programme Maszyna Choreograficzna[Choreographic Machine], as well as to Lublin to be performed at the 5th Maat Festival. The production gathers Tomasz Bazan, Anita Wach, Anna Steller and Jan Borecki.

About the performance:

Making off? To make off means to leave in haste, escape. A circumstance governed by its own rules, thus being what it is. SAFARIis a hunting trip, possibly also a longer journey in the search for trophies. Currently, with the development of global tourism, the term is more and more frequently used to describe organised observation of predators moving around in their natural ecosystem.

We don’t have to do what we have to do. Yet, it’s been agreed to stay in place to make out the difference. There are two enclosures: one exposes the animals to constant observation, while the other creates an illusion of natural ecosystem. Is the possibility to make a conscious decision to change enclosures a chance to win a trophy? What is the trophy?

WHATEVERdirected by Tomasz Bazan, design: Patrycja Płanik, choreography/dance: Tomasz Bazan, Anita Wach, Anna Steller, Jan Borecki, music: Jan Duszyński, realisaton/collaboration: Maciej Połynko.

production: CK Zamek, programme: Archive of the Body [Archiwum Ciała] / Teatr Maat Projekt / Maat Festival / Centre of Culture in Lublin / Historical Museum of Warsaw – Museum of Wola

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