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Ramona Nagabczyńska?s New (Dis)Order will be presented at the Areowaves Spring Forward showcase being held in the Swedish town of Ume?, the European Capital of Culture 2014. The Polish artist has been named among Areowaves ?priority companies? selected by dance specialists from a few hundred young choreographers? applications. The piece has been recast: besides Magda Jędra, who has been part of the show from the start, the performance will feature  Konrad Szymański and Anita Wach.


About the piece:


?Rock dance tended to be exuberant and anarchically complex, while theatre dance was often pedestrian and minimal. The familiar joke summarized the situation: in the early 1960s people would go to a dance concert to watch people stand around, and afterwards everyone would go to a party and dance.?


Cynthia J. Novack, ?Looking at Movement as Culture?


New (Dis)Order (2012) is a piece performed and devised by three dancers. The theme explored during its creation was the culture of rock music and the power that music holds over the body. The piece was selected as one of the twelve best Polish dance pieces of the last two years and presented at the Polish Dance Platform in December 2012.


Choreography: Ramona Nagabczynska (with creative input from the dancers)
Performance: Magda Jędra, Anita Wach and Konrad Szymański
Lighting design: Jan Cybis

Music: NEU!, Srianka, Chinawoman, Nisennenmondai, Brian Eno


Ramona is a choreographer, dancer and dance teacher working in various countries in Europe. She was born in Canada and holds two citizenships Polish and Canadian. As a choreographer, she is fully established in the Polish dance scene, as she identifies herself as a Polish dance artist. She is also strongly connected to the British dance scene, mainly thanks to her long-term working relationship with experimental theatre/dance company Clod Ensemble founded by Suzy Willson and Paul Clark. Ramona’s professional paths have also recently lead her to France, where she works with one of France’s rising choreographic stars David Wampach, and Ireland, where she works with Emma Martin and Junk Ensemble. She has been creating work since 2009. In 2012 she created and premiered two pieces: New (Dis)Order and Accumulation ? Trisha Brown, which was commissioned by Komuna// Warszawa as part of the ongoing RE//MIX cycle of theatre productions.




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