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Thanks to ImPulsTanz Vienna turns into an international dance capital for the summer. Staring on 16 July and lasting until 16 August 2015, the biggest contemporary dance festival in Europe will see a plethora of shows and presentations. This year also the city?s museums will be venues for festival performances. It that was not enough, the 2015 edition offers 250 different dance workshops. 


Apart from prominent international dance artists, this year?s festival will showcase for the first time also Austrian productions. Among them is a group choreography by Akemi Takeya, a Japanese artist based in Vienna, or a take on the most brilliant dancing duos of the 20th century by Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek. The nadaproduction collective will present a show choreographed by dance anthropologists Amanda Pi?a and Daniel Zimmermann exploring almost forgotten human movement practices cultivated for centuries all over the world.


ImPulsTanz will also be a time when dance takes over Vienna?s museums as the Weltmuseum Wien, the Mumok, and the 21er Haus will transform into spectacular dance spaces. At the Mumok excellent contemporary dance artists: Jennifer Lacey, Keith Hennessy, and Anne Juren will perform as part of an exhibition devoted to Viennese Actionism.


The 250 workshops will be a chance to learn from the best dancers eager to share their knowledge no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, a child or a senior. Among the accompanying events are parties and concerts held in the evenings at the Festival Lounge set up at the Burgtheater Vestibül and the opening and closing parties located in the former officers? mess Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz.


Detailed programme:

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