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Another edition of the Choreographic Workshops at the Polish National Ballet is drawing to a close. During the 10th anniversary edition of the event, the participating artists faced new challenges in the form of choreographic miniatures. The results of their work will be presented in early June during the ballet night titled Kreacje 10 [Creations 10], at the Chamber Stage of Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera. The presentations will take place on 2 June and 5 June (7 pm) and on 3 June (6 pm).

This year?s choreographies have been created by Lorenzo Alberti, Robert Bondara, Michał Chróścielewski, Joanna Drabik, Anna Hop, Paulina Jurkowska, Paweł Koncewoj, Antonio Lanzo, Gianni Melfi, Dan Ozeri, Rachael Vrbancic, Patryk Walczak, Kurusz Wojeński, Izabela Zabłocka and Bartosz Zyśk; the pieces will be performed by their fellow dancers of the Polish National Ballet. The previous editions of the workshops have demonstrated a great deal of undiscovered createive potential in the company.


Apart from the choreographic workshops, Kreacje will also feature a range of tasks related to production, which within the frame of the event has traditionally been delegated to dancers, too. This year, the production team is comprised of:


Project Manager: Dominika Krysztoforska 
Stage Manager: Ewa Nowak 
Technical coordinator: Irina Wasilewska
Costumes coordinator: Svetlana Ovsiankina, Natalia Kamińska
Rehearsals photographer: Vladimir Yaroshenko
Poster concept: Paweł Koncewoj 

Programme editor: Aneta Wira



Program and performers

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