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The PERFORM Art Foundation and organisers of the festival present the 5th International Contact Improvisation Festival “Warsaw Flow”, which is taking place on 18-23 June 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. The event’s guest of honour is Nancy Stark Smith, one of the founders of Contact Improvisation practice.

Apart from Ms Stark Smith, the event’s workshops and labs will be run by:
Mike Vargas (USA)
Andrew Harwood (USA)
Ray Chung (USA)
Thomas Mettler (CH)
Jonathan Megaw (UK/AU)
Agnieszka Rybak (PL)
Paulina Święcańska (PL)
Filip Wencki (PL)

The festival is also to embrace the 15th Global Underscore, an annual dance event organised by Nancy Stark Smith simultaneously in 50 countries across the globe, including Poland for the first time. The Global Underscore is open for all Warsaw Flow participants and everybody else interested in taking part.

What is more, 23 June will see a performance featuring Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung and Andrew Harwood dancing together on stage.

Visit the festival’s official, where you may already find a detailed programme and a registration form.

Because workshop participants are assigned to different groups according their level of competence, and to make sure that everyone is comfortable, the organisers are able to admit only a limited group of persons to take part in the event. Register now to secure a place for yourself!

The 5th Warsaw Flow is organised by: Paulina Święcańska, Małgorzata Gajdemska and Małgorzata Pianowska as part of their involvement in the operations of the PERFORM Artistic Foundation.

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