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16 ensembles and 4 individual performers will take to the stages of the Studio Theatre and Stara Prochownia as part of the 9th International Zawirowania Dance Theatre Festival taking place in Warsaw on 23-30 June. The leitmotif of the festival is Israeli dance theatre, with performances from Israel’s Kolben Dance, Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company, the duo of Ido Tadmor and Nadar Rosano, and Poland’s Zawirowania Dance Theatre with their newest Polish-Israeli production Navigation Song BD303min choreography by Irad Mazliah.

Another group of the festival’s performers will arrive straight from the Far East. The audience will be treated to productions from young Chinese choreographers as part of the programme China New Wave, and from the dance theatre ISSUM from South Korea. Adding up to the exotic, we will see Moving Borders from Mexico, Asli Bostanci from Turkey and Taoufiq Izeddiou from Morocco.

The festival won’t also go without guests from the Old Continent. Compagnie Pal Frenak from Hungary, which enchanted Warsaw’s audience two years ago, will come back with its newest production Hymen. Also performing will be the duo of Hilde Elbers and Johnny Schoofs, and Lithuania’s dance theatre AuraDance with the production 1863, followed by the Hungarian Kata Juhasz Dance Company with That’s Alright with Me.Coming down from Sweden, Charlotte Ofverholm and her ensemble will present two performances of a very physical type of dance theatre. Very avant-garde in style, the Ukrainian TANZLaboratorium will perform their Cruelty ofPossibility.

The Zawirowania Dance Theatre Festival is not only about daily performances from international ensembles. The artists will also conduct open workshops for all the interested persons. After the performances we will also hold meetings and discussions with the performers at the festival’s club at Studio Theatre.

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