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Prior to the opening of the 2016/17 season, Komuna//Warszawa will host presentation of #LEŻEĆ [Lying Down] directed by Marcin Gaweł and choreographed by Izabela Chlewińska. It?s an interdisciplinary project combining performance with installation and live music, #LEŻEĆ originates in? bed.


An average man supposedly sleeps 24 years of his life; among women, the average length of sleep is 27 years. While our consciousness dreams, our body never sleeps; it feels, sees, memorizes, fantasizes. Each day, it awakes as a brand new entity.

The bed ? a seemingly banal and unspectacular piece of furniture ? provides a starting point for a laboratory research on the relations between dreams and the body, and the social and cultural contexts of lying down, at once a natural activity and an intimate and private act. Can dream be a taboo topic? How does a dreamy body react at work or in public space?


Produced by the ART-committed Foundation: an artistic duo of actors and dancers formed by Paulina Jóźwicka and Jakub Krawczyk. Live music by Olgierd Dokalski.


The premiere performances will take place on 16-18 September at 7 pm  (Komuna//Warszawa, ul. Lubelska 30/32).



directed by: Marcin Gaweł
dramaturgy: Amadeusz Nosal
stage design: Matylda Sałajewska
choreography: Izabela Chlewińska
live music: Olgierd Dokalski
starring: Paulina Jóźwicka, Jakub Krawczyk i Olgierd Dokalski
coordination: Karolina Szczypek

Bookings via,641/lezec,4496 and at


Offline sales will take place one hour before the show (cash only). Tickets may be booked via e-mail at: Bookings will be cancelled if not collected 15 minutes before the show.

Contact: 791 770 021




Produced in collaboration with the Capital City of Warsaw.


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