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Friday, 3 October sees the launch of free workshops for dance managers run by La Belle Ouvrage, an organisation that specialises in culture management training. The event is held by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw and the Reso Dance Network Switzerland as part of the programme Cooperations 2012?2013: Switzerland?Central-Eastern Europe, initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia liaison office in Warsaw. The workshops will last until 5 October.


The workshop session will set off with a reflection on the profession of manager (position, competences, role compared with other dance professionals) and identification of the main players on the dance scene (festivals, venues/residency programmes, networks, platforms, professionals? meetings, artists, curators, managers, sources of information), taking account of the matters of aesthetics. In the latter part, the workshop will focus on selected elements of a strategy to sell a production on the international scene, its adjustment to the characteristics of the production/the artist?s works, taking into account the context provided by the artist?s/company?s work.



List of participants:


1. Bożena Arabasz
2. Karolina Garbacik
3. Michał  Jankowski
4. Katarzyna Kania
5. Konrad Kurowski
6. Małgorzata Mielech
7. Maciej  Mizgalski
8. Ramona Nagabczyńska
9. Dominik Skrzypkowski
10. Urszula Sobczak
11. Natalia  Starowieyska
12. Lucyna Walaszczyk
13. Natalia Wilk
14. Barbara Wysoczańska
15. Aleksandra Zdunek


Instructors: Albane Guinet-Ahrens, Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland, La Belle Ouvrage.


After her degree in Business Administration from HEC (1994), Albane Guinet-Ahrens carried out different missions in the marketing field in Munich, in a non-governmental organisation in Lima, for a contemporary art gallery in Paris.  In 1996, she became general manager of Le Volcan, a ?national theatre? based in Le Havre, presenting a wide range of performing arts disciplines from street theatre to dance and music, before joining the Parc de la Villette in Paris in 1999, where she headed the production department. There, together with a team of 15 people, she took part in the production of various projects, such as Villette Jazz Festival, Urban Dance Artists Initiative ? a mentoring and producing scheme for emerging artists in the field of urban dance, circus programming and residencies, exhibitions, an outdoor cinema festival, etc. From 2003 to 2010, she headed together with Laure Guazzoni Et bientôt?, a production office based in Paris, offering administration, production and touring services to artists, such as the choreographer Kitsou Dubois and Grand Magasin, working also for venues and training organisations (Greta, Agecif, Sciences Po) on special missions. In 2006, together with Clara Rousseau and Laure Guazzoni, she created La Belle Ouvrage, a new tool for professionals in the cultural sector, aiming to address in a different way the relationship to work in this sector, to propose new schemes and training methods to better fit the needs of the professionals in a complex and internationalised context. There, she developed various activities as consultant, trainer, and pedagogical manager. In 2007, the first edition of the Views from abroad training was created, looking at practices of touring and distribution from points of view from professionals abroad. In 2009, she began the collaboration with the Space network to implement a European mobile training programme for 30 arts managers coming from 20 different countries. In 2011, she graduated from the Paris Diderot University in Paris, with a Master degree in Theories and Practices of Interventions in Organisations.


Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland is co-director, consultant, trainer at Bureau Cassiopée-Paris (FR) & Cassiopée Office-Bergen (NO). Having graduated of the Nantes Graduate School of Management and of a Master degree in ?Cultural Management in Europe? (Paris 8), Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkelandhas been working as a producer with performing artists (French and international) for the past 16 years. She began with the Roc in Lichen company. Later on she was the manager of the French-Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola (1998?2001), as well as of La Petite Fabrique Company, for the project ?Les Fables ? la fontaine?. In 2004, she established Bureau Cassiopée in Paris, a production office, composed of a team of 6 persons, which is responsible of the administration, production and distribution of several artists/companies. In this frame, she developed long-term collaborations with Herman Diephuis, Gis?le Vienne, Jonathan Capdevielle, and Martine Pisani, interested in having a close understanding of the artistic process and developing the international networks, encouraging the anchorage of artists on territories, their development in different contexts and the fidelity of partnerships.


In the frame of this organisation, since mid-2012, she has focused her activities on teaching, training, mentorship and consulting. Concerned with the transmission of knowledge, through supporting the development of artists and producers, Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland has initiated and is leading innovative mentorships programmes in France, together with Léonor Baudouin, co-director of the office. She acts as a training manager in training organisations or schools (La Belle Ouvrage-Paris, ARDEC-Montpellier; ENSATT-Lyon) as well as for workshops. She is also a consultant for companies and organisations for consulting assignments in strategy and international development (currently for Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil).

Having been also based in Bergen since 2010, she established there CASSIOPEE OFFICE in 2013, in order to develop consulting, mentorships and workshops in Norway and Nordic countries.




Organised as part of the programme Cooperations 2012?2013: Switzerland? Central-Eastern Europe, initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia liaison office in Warsaw.

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