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The 13th International Contemporary Dance Festival Body/Mind (“We Don?t Need to Be on First-Name Terms”) is being held in Warsaw from 18 to 28 September. One of the festival?s key assumptions is showcasing man intertwined in conflicts, seeking solace a community. This year’s Body/Mind events propose new definitions of community and reflect on a range of new issues emerging in today?s world, such as a casting society, or artists? nomadic style of living. Most of the projects are international collaborations.


The festival will open with Olivier Dubois?s performance made together with dancers from Egypt, Congo, Senegal, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast. The French choreographer in known to Warsaw’s audience as he visited Body/Mind in 2010, and is an Aerowaves artist. Nathalie Carratié-Faye, France?s cultural attachée to Poland, observed at a press conference that Africa is still being seen as a unified continent in Europe, while in truth its is extremely diverse, as shown in Dubois?s production. The choreographer and his dancers focus their communal energy to overcome the difference and look for common roots of movement. Although political themes are not directly discussed in Souls, they are present through the diversity of dancers involved. 


Body/Mind will also welcome collaborations between Polish and Icelandic, Turkish, or Portuguese artists. Among them is a Polish-Icelandic marathon of artistic and performative events called FOLK? I do (not) agree!, inspired by a performance by Edyta Kozak and Roland Rowiński under a similar title. The starting point for the piece was the attempt to redefine the notion of folk and show it in a broad context, both as a cultural form and as a social and political construct.


The audience is also invited to see 600 steps by Turkey?s artistic collective Taldans and Polish artists: Iza Szostak, Karol Tymiński, Zorka Wollny, and Wojtek Ziemilski. The project is based on an instinctive entry into the urban-tissue of Istanbul and Warsaw by the individual artists, who ten searched for common topics to work on. One of them was resistance. The title is a reference to the 600 years of Polish-Turkish relations. The performance will be shown at Zacheta Gallery. Admission is free.


Another international collaboration matches Body/Mind?s interest in projects involving non-professional dancers or performers. Portugal?s Ana Borralho and Jo?o Galante will invite a representative group of 100 residents of Warsaw (differing as regards profession, nationality, and age) to contribute to Atlas Warszawa, a work inspired by the words of Joseph Beuys, a German artist, creator of the social sculpture theory, and a social activist, who said: “we are revolution” and “all of us are artists”. The artists conceived this formula two years ago, and have since implemented it in different countries. The project will take place not at the Studio Theatre, but at the Powszechny Theatre, whose new directors ? Paweł Łysak, Paweł Sztarbowski ? want to turn it into a place open to the people, their initiatives, and other art forms.


The 13th Body/Mind festival will also feature Italy’s Alessandro Sciarroni, well-known to the festival’s audience thanks to Your Girland Joseph, as well as guests from Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and Belgium (in a joint performance).


Overall, the programme embraces seven performances (including the premiere of Pussy by Karol Tymiński) and the three international collaborations described above. The programme is complemented with additional events: installations, panel discussions, meetings with artists, as well as two workshops “Filming dance: videodance and recording dance performances” and “Modern dance education”, both held in association with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, the latter being part of the European Video Dance Heritage project supported by the EU Culture programme. More information on the possibilities offered by ? the first free online dance video library launched as part of EVDH ? is coming up soon. The web library is run by Maison de la Danse in Lyon as an archive of videos promoting artistic dance and its history.


Trailer of the 13th Body/Mind festival



Main festival events:


18.09 Souls/ Olivier Dubois | France

19.09 UNTITLED_I will be there when you die / Alessandro Sciarroni | Italy

20.09 FOLK? I do (not) agree! | Poland / Iceland

21.09 Nothing?s for something/ Heine Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki | Norway / Japan / Belgium

22.09 Mouvinsitu/ Les Choses de Rien | France

23.09 The Iliad/ Felix Mathias Ott | Germany

24.09 Pussy/ Karol Tymiński | Poland

25.09 Holiday on stage/ Martin Schick, Damir Todorovic | Swizerland

28.09 600 steps/ TALDANS | Polska / Turkey

27 + 28.09 Atlas Warszawa/ Ana Borralho, Jo?o Galante | Portugal



More information:


The festival is financed by the City of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.



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