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Eighth edition, eight days, three venues: the first weekend of July will see another edition of Warsaw FLOW, an original formula Warsaw dance event, intended primarily for active workshop participants, while also catering to the festival audience.


The Warsaw FLOW Festival takes place in Warsaw. First organised in 2010, the annual event confronts established Polish and international representatives of contact improvisation dance beginners and practitioners. The daily schedule of the event includes workshops of various intensity, jams, and joint improvisations by CI masters. Contact improvisation is a contemporary dance technique which involves two or more people that move each other, mutually supported by the changing common balance. This type of dance is akin to a kind of ?conversation? between performers, with gestures replacing words. The technique enables partners to exchange their ideas and movement, which can be received passively or picked up and developed.


Dance improvisation does not abide by any set choreography, allowing for any given number of dancers, whose mutual relations can be accidental or intended. Dance figures are employed as often as ?everyday? movement ? the two elements combine in one, unrepeatable dance entity. Improvisation is not addressed solely to professional dancers, but also to anyone simply interested in movement, establishing their own sensitivity towards themselves and the surrounding environment, and to those who seek entertainment and pleasure in dance, says Paulina Święcańska, organiser of Warsaw FLOW.


This year?s edition of the festival has been divided into three parts intended respectively to dance professionals, dance beginners, and the general public. Both dance groups will meet throughout the festival during daily CI sessions. This year?s edition of Warsaw FLOW will be headlined by Daniela Schwartz and Keith Hennessy. The two will hold workshops for professional dancers and CI practitioners, as well as those new to the technique. Daniela Schwartz (Argentina/France) is a nomad artist actively engaged in practicing, presenting, and teaching contact improvisation, composition, and improvisation. The artist has travelled throughout Europe and the Americas, holding workshops and creating new projects at (and outside of) a range of institutions. Keith Hennessy (USA) has dealt with dance as performance and related areas. He has toured the world with performances combining improvisation, rituals, collaboration and public action as tools to explore political realities. The festival programme will also feature Polish artists, Aga Rybak and Jakub Gontarski, who will teach a one-day workshop STRUNA CIAŁA [The String of the Body].


The Warsaw FLOW Festival will be held on 1-8 July in Warsaw at the Centre for Contemporary Culture ? Ujazdowski Castle, Studio Teatralne, and Park Skaryszewski.


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Public events:


3-7 July, 11:30 am ? 2 pm

Park Skaryszewski
Intensive site-specific workshops in urban space

Led by Daniela Schwartz, intensive workshops in urban space are organized as part of the Warsaw FLOW Festival. The workshops are intended for CI practitioners and beginners. The event is open to the public ? the organizers encourage everyone to observe and peek at the open-air sessions. Admission free.  


8 July, 4 pm ? 6 pm
Centre for Contemporary Culture ? Ujazdowski Castle, ul. Jazdów 2

Special public presentation to conclude the eight-day project by Keith Hennessy with the participants of the festival. Admission free.

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