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On 6-7 April the Butoh workshop & Noguchi Taiso will take place in Warsaw. The workshop will be led by Imre Thormann.

“In my workshop I do not convey any fixed form or technique, but the principles that form the basis of movement (spiral, wave, gravity, emotion etc.). We will focus on everyday movements like standing and walking, as well as on emootional forms of expression. We will establish a basis that will enable us to exchange conventional patterns of movement for fresh approaches that will help us to execute movements more easily. This workshop is for professionals in dance and theatre as well as for amateurs of all ages.

My work is based on a training of seven years in Tokyo with Kazuo Ohno (Butoh) and Noguchi Michizo (founder of Noguchi Taiso, a Japanese form of body work), and education in Alexander Technique and my experience as a dancer who is living the dance.” [Imre Thormann]

“The materials that constitute our body are undoubtedly of this Earth and have participated in and experienced the creation process of the Earth. Therefore our body, living here and now, includes the entirety of history of the Earth. What is called “live”, “body” and “mind” is precisely a phase of change and flow of the Earth. There is no absolute standard for all things.

Every standard comes into being within ourselves, freshly here and now, each time, relatively through relationships. Becoming aware of these relationships allows you to truly become one with original nature itself and you develop a clearer understanding of how your mind/body operates and a greater appreciation of the involvement of your thought process in all your physical acts.” [Michizo Noguchi]

Imre Thormann – extraordinary personality, a great artist and unique teacher. He studied various martial arts (aikido, kung-fu, taekwondo and taichi) and Alexander Technique. He lived in Tokyo for 13 years. He took classes from the co-founder of butoh Kazuo Ohno and Michizou Noguchi. Since 1993 he has presented several butoh performances in Japan, Europe and in butoh festivals. He currently lives, dances and teaches in Berlin.

Workshop will take place in Warsaw and will be led in English / with translation to Polish

6 April – 10-18
7 April – 10-18

cost: 100 euro
please register:

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