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On Friday 15 April 2016 at 7 pm the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski (Laboratory building, ul. Jazdów 2) will present I-cure, a performance of Ivo Dimchev, one of the most extreme and charismatic artists of the contemporary performance and choreographic art scene. The show will be preceded by Do Yourself a Favour, a workshop for performers and choreographers on 12?17 April. During the workshop, Dimchev will present different ways of developing an original solo performance.


About the performance:


If healing is a choice, than why not to make this choice while in the theatre?

Why should we waste another hour on trying to be more ?cultural?, if we can use it for getting ?healthier??

This performance was created to heal any physical or psychological problems you might have.

I-cure may also heal the people you love and care for. It all depends on where you would like to direct the healing power of I-cure.

I-cure is not a one-to-one therapy; it is designed to cure every audience member at the same time.

Your commitment to the process will have a significant impact on the results of this treatment, much more than the performance itself.

The more you think of I-cure as a cultural experience, the more comprehensive and lasting the therapeutic effect will be. 

Instead of wasting your time in the theatre, make a good use of it!


Text, music, choreography by Ivo Dimchev

Production: Humarts Foundation, Impulstanz Vienna, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Rotterdam Schouwburg

Curator: Agnieszka Sosnowska


Ivo Dimchev is one of the most extreme and charismatic artists of the contemporary performance and choreographic art scene. He permanently tests the limits of art as a system which he co-creates. His work is a radical and colorful blend of performance art, dance, theater, music, drawings and photography. Dimchev has given master classes at the National Theater Academy in Budapest, the Royal Dance Conservatorium of Belgium in Antwerp, Hochschule der Künste Bern, DanceWeb in Vienna and others. He is the founder and director of Humarts Foundation in Bulgaria. Since 2013 he has been artist-in-residence in Kaaitheater in Brussels.






Tickets: 40 PLN / 25 PLN



e-mail reservation:

 telephone reservation: + 48 22 628 12 713 ext. 135, noon?7 pm  (except Mondays)


The performance is presented in collaboration with within Ivo Dimchev?s residency at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle.


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