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In March, a unique dance duo from Japan, Mutsumi and Neiro, will come to Warsaw to present a performance and run a workshop. Their show Tonight or Never will be presented on 4-5 March at 7 pm at Scena Lubelska 30/32. The workshop will be held on 7-9 March at the Remus Theatre. Workshop participants will get free admission to the performance. The workshop participation fee is lower if paid by 22 February 2016.


Artists about their performance:


Three years ago, we spent some summer nights at Seiji Tanaka’s Butoh Studio in Nara. With a lot of his help, this piece was born.


Soon after that, we got married.

Life itself becomes dance.

Early next year, we performed this piece in Tokyo, and it was our wedding, an oath of our Duo.


Now, we want our dance to be more fertile and tougher than at that time.

We want a dance of eternal marriage with Chagall’s flower.



Admission: PLN 20


About the workshop:


We want to meet you.

Let’s start everything from this,

from meeting the space,

from meeting the music,

from meeting the others,

and you meet yourself.

It’s time to move.


The workshop will be run in English. Experience in physical expression or training is not required.



Participation fee:

PLN 120 – if paid before 22 February

PLN 150 – if paid after 23 February


Workshop participants will get free admission to the performance.



Registration is required. Number of participants is limited to 8.


Please send an email to: with the subject ?Workshop, March 2016, YOUR NAME?

(Please write your name in the subject line!)



MUTSUMI ? Butoh dancer. Born in Ehime prefecture, she started to practice classical ballet at the age of 3. In junior high school she took up rhythmic gymnastics, and was quite successful, taking part in many competitions, including national tournaments and the National Sports Festival of Japan. However, she had to stop dancing due to an injury when she was a student at the Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education. Ten years later, she became familiar with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno?s dance, which moved her so deeply that she was able to start dancing again. In 2009, she went to Tokyo to study under Yoshito Ohno at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, where she met her partner Neiro. Currently she is involved in Mitsuyo Uesugi workshop called Kayoukai.


NEIRO  ? Born in Kanagawa prefecture, he studied organic mime under Japanese mime artist JIDAI, and later studied butoh dance under Yoshito Ohno. In 2010, he came to Warsaw to study mime art under Stefan Niedziałkowski. He was part of Niedziałkowski?s Mime Art Theatre, playing a range of roles, including the leading part in Tożsamość/Identity (IMKA Theatre, 2012). Before his return to Japan, he presented his first solo mime performance silence of flowers/??(Scena Lubelska 30/32, 2012). In August 2012, he and JIDAI formed the Japan Art Mime Society, supported by Theater X in Tokyo. In December 2014, he left the Society in order to concentrate on his duo with Mutsumi.


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