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La Mecedora, an art platform developed by Mexican artist Melissa Cisneros, gives young artists a space where they can present their performance art pieces while still in progress.

Having been launched and led by artists, La Mecedora stands in opposition to those attitudes in art that are governed by economy, focus on efficiency, are subject to time pressure and concentrate on end-products. Instead, it suggests an in-depth exploration of the path leading to a possible performance or creative act, while reflecting on the influence exerted on perception by social and economic conditions.

This open forum allows artists to share their individual creative process with the public, thus making their practice and experience richer through a dialogue made in an informal, focused and friendly setting. Presentation of works in progress as part of the series Dialog Warszawa(Dialogue Warsaw) is taking place at Centrum w Ruchu (Warsaw, Wawerska Strefa Kultury, ul. Żegańska 1a). The meeting will be hosted by Melissa Cisneros (La Mecedora), Małgorzata Haduch (Free The Dance) and Magdalena Ptasznik (Centrum w Ruchu).

Ola Bożek-Muszyńska
Paulina Grochowska
Justyna Orłowska
Joanna Szkop

How to get there:

Commuter rail line S1 or bus route 521 (get off at PKP Międzylesie) or by bus route 525 (get off at Pożaryskiego)

More on the project and organisers:,,

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