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On 23 and 24 April (8 pm) the Museum of Modern Art (MSN) in Warsaw (ul. Emilii Plater 51) will host the first Polish performance of Black on Black by Marta Ziółek. In the piece two masked performers (Marta Ziółek, Anna Nowicka) undertake the issues of blackness and the black void in choreography. The point of departure here is the gesture of appropriation of street dance and treating it as a tool of inspecting the weight, mass and potency of movement. Gradually undressing and covering themselves with layers of clothing, the dancers maneuver between embodiment, a catwalk masquerade, an underground fitness regime, and a transformation into a monster. The audience, seated on both sides of this live exhibition, is invited to participate in a black session in which the choreography empties ?black? forms and intensifies their internal ?black? matter.


The presentations are part of the MSN series Performance at the Museum.




Concept: Marta Ziółek

Choreography and performance: Marta Ziółek, Anna Nowicka

Dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak

Costumes: Michał Gruca

Design: Szymon Żydek

Poster design: Emilia Obrzut


Black on Black is a coproduction of the Het Veem Theater and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, and was supported by Teatr Studio in Warsaw, Komuna//Warszawa, and STUK in Leuven. Black on Black is part of Life Long Burning (LLB) project. 


About the series Performance at the Museum

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