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Next Tuesday (6 September, 7 pm), the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw (ul. Jazdów 1) will host a presentation of Maya Dunsky’s butoh performance, in which the artist follows up on her project “Table of Silence”. The piece consists of three parts, intertwined with video works.


About the performance: A large table from above the stage descends slowly to the center. Different pictures of realities are woven around the table, which reflect an existential meeting point, a landscape for pondering, an environment for reflection and contemplation, stay and absence. The table serves as a living zone for violent silence and an inner dialogue. A soil of loss edged with surrender and reconciliation. The layers of space are saturated with secrets, and  a figure is sailing into realms of dreaming, where pain is tinged with amusement.

[Duration~55 min.]


My dance has no particular back-story, it?s the ?essence?. It is minimalistic and follows a specific aesthetics. While dancing, I?m in continuous contact with the spirit of the universe which binds together the hearts and souls of all people. It is authentic motion which defies the customary.

One of the main mental and emotional sources from which it stems is a LONGING, a desire to return to what one calls HOME.

I wish to guide the audience to the world in which they may shed their restrictions and discover the primeval nature of things ? Maya Dunsky


During her visit to Poland at the invitation of the POMPKA Foundation, Maya Dunsky will also host a butoh workshop The Silent Inner Warrior.

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MAYA DUNSKY ? multidisciplinary Israeli artist, Butoh dancer, choreographer and painter paved her way in the Butoh world since 1985 as a student of the master Ohno Kazuo, the founder of Butoh.

She lived, studied and created in Japan for 6 years. Since the year of 1998 Maya holds master classes, facilitates an ongoing Butoh dance workshops.  She guides processes of creativity & specializes in transforming from one’s self therapy into awakening to the Path of the artist within. Maya creates and performs mainly as soloist. Part of her dance pieces are duets, ensemble works and video dance.,16.html



PLN 50 (full price)
PLN 20 (reduced)

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Tickets are also sold at the PROSPERO bookshop.


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