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This Saturday and Sunday, 27 & 28 July, Małgorzata Haduch is going to conduct a Passing Through workshop session for the general public (no age restrictions apply) at Warsaw’s Ujazdowski Park. On Saturday the workshops will last from 1 to 3 pm, while on Sunday, from 1 to 2 pm.

What is more, on Saturday at 4 pm Małgorzata Haduch (dance) and Paulina Owczarek (saxophone) will perform Duet o 4 [Duo at 4]. The performance unfolds very closely to the audience, almost brushing against them; it takes notice of each individual viewer, concentrates energy close by and forms a unique bond with them. (More)

In turn on Sunday, 28 July, at 4, Haduch and her guest dancers will present the performance Passing ThroughZielony Jazdów#2 set to the music by Paulina Owczarek and Spain’s Vasco Trilla.

All of the events are part of the Zielony Jazdów/Green Jazdów programme.

Passing Through is a group composition based on the language of improvisation of the renowned choreographer David Zambrano. It is spontaneous choreography, full of joy and energy. The practice’s key words are: travelling in space, following your thoughts, cohesion (resistance to the separation of bodies), expansion of bodies, a search for spirals in the body and space. Its most important element is team work, creating a group composition. Małgorzata Haduch’s project Passing Through Zielony Jazdówcombines this fascinating form of movement and live free jazz.

Haduch’s guests will perform at Green Jazdów four times, employing on each occasion the choreographic structure of Passing Through, and using more and more elements of this language of dance. The final presentation, to take place on 4 August, is going to use an advanced version of the Passing Through method, explored by the dancers during subsequent sessions at CSW Laboratory. Each performance will be set to live music.

Małgorzata Haduch’s Passing Through Zielony Jazdówtakes inspiration from the international project of choreographer David Yambrano, 50 Days Costa Rica(San Jose, Costa Rica), in which the artist took part in 2010. The only Pole selected by Zambrano, she joined other artist from across the globe forming a group of 50, who spent 50 days exploring the techniques of dance and composition created by Zambrano, known internationally as Flying Low and Passing Through. Zambrano’s project was intended to inspire young artists to use, change and adapt his techniques of movement in their own artistic investigations. Małgorzata Haduch and the other participnts of 50 Days Costa Ricamake up 50collectiVe. One of their initiatives is Passing Through Project, a series of international performances and workshops using the Passing Through technique. To date the project has been realised in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Cuba and the USA. Małgorzata Haduch’s individual touch is the fusion of dance and live improvised free jazz.



Małgorzata Haduch’s website:

Paulina Owczarekis a saxophonist. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków; she also hodl a degree in Russian studies from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. She plays alto and baritone saxophone. She focuses on freely improvised music and contemporary chamber music. She is a member of samBar, Elder Space Bankers, HiQ and Saksofonarium. She has also taken part in different free improvisation projects realised on Kraków’s scene (Bezdroża, Muzykoterapia, Free the Dance, LabInt, Open Session), and festivals devoted to contemporary music, experimental music and improvisation (Hurta Cordel, Musica Electronica Nova, Taller de Musica Improvisada, AudioArt, Sound Exchange, Krakowska Jesień Jazzowa/Kraków Jazz Autumn, Discordian Community Riot). She is the founder of the Cracow Improvisers Orchestra, and has played in a range of ensembles, including LANZA, Movement Duo, OCD, MI65, Vladimirska, Uncharted Territory and DOT Trio. She has collaborated with the London Improvisers Orchestra, Kraków’s Teatr Stary and the Badów Theatre Association, as well as dancers A. Trzewiczek and M. Haduch. She was involved in Polish premieres of saxophone pieces.

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