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On Saturday 11 May (7 pm) Zawirowania Dance Theatre will present the premiere of Navigation Song BD303 by Israeli choreographer Irad Mazliah. Taking place at Stara Prochownia in Warsaw, the performance will feature Korina Kordova, Bartosz Figurski and Szymon Osiński.

They do not know their position on the sea… They do not have a compass. The only tool they have is navigation song… Navigation songs were used by fishing communities lacking sophisticated means of attaining the true position on the sea. This primitive instrument of navigation comprises from word, that tells a story, has its own tempo and melody in means of survival.

On the base of fishermen’s stories coming back home, NAVIGATION SONG BD303 approaches the topic of Cain’s curse and the homeless wander to eternity. The spectacle recalls moments of human change: the philosophy of humanity by Erasmus, and the idea of the new European presented in Stephan Zweig’s literature. By the dancers’ journey the choreographer expresses his own experiences. Born in Canada, with Israeli origins he finally settles down in Poland creating a home and family in a new land.The dancers offer the audience a short voyage from the comfort of the controlled environment and anonymity of the seat to deep entertainment by means of empathy, passion and doubt.

Next shows: 25 May and 23 June at 7 pm.

Irad Mazliahis a choreographer, dancer and actor. He is also a teacher of contemporary and classical dance, and founder of the Sadna Dance School in Haifa. In 2011-2012 he was the artistic director of the Intimadance Dance Festival in Tel-Aviv.

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