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Take your clothes off, or wait, I’ll do it.

Can you express anything with a T-shirt?

Is each time you take it off meaningful?

And if you let somebody else do it?

Or perhaps if I take it off you…

Already today, at 7 pm, komuna//waszawa (ul. Lubelska 30/32) is presenting the premiere of Magdalena Zielińska’s piece as part of the RE//MIX Finale.Take your clothes off, or wait, I’ll do it (Rozbierz się, albo nie, ja to zrobię) is a performance inspired by Jérôme Bel’s Shirtology. His T-shirts are commandscarried out by the dancer. Marketing slogans. But what if the T-shirt clinging to your skin expressed something closer? Or perhaps it is still the body giving expression to the T-shirt, regardless of what’s on it?

Next presentation on Tuesday, 26 November.

Magdalena Zielińskais a performer, student of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, and member of Performeria Warszawy, a collective focusing on performance art in urban spaces. She has co-run workshops held at the Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Syrena squad, and Berlins’ Wedding on invitation from Krytyka Polityczna. She showed her performance at the opening of the art exhibition accompanying the 3M Festival of Arts.

premiere: 25 November 2013

choreography: Magdalena Zielińska


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