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Another edition of New Dance Review starts on Wednesday, 21 November, at 6.00 pm in Soho Factory (25 Mińska Street). The preview of the installation by Katarzyna Szu Szugajew [.karne] will open the Review. The installation is an attempt to create the contemporary altar of physicality. It is centred around such questions as: “And what if the faith is (only) about physical experience?”, “How to include somatic experience?”, “What do we agree with in the aesthetics of nudity?”

“Experience of the body included in the objects of art is not an empty state. Visual effect is a direct result of deep work with the body which is the basis for all Szu’s works. Her works remind us that the body exists and carries the truth older than any thought or any combination of thoughts. Things happen, the body is alive, everything flows but here – simply is, petrified forever. Preserved blow, stream of saliva – static frame of “happening”, corporeality on a pedestal…”

Text: Aga Papis

Katarzyna Szu Szugajew – visual artist focusing on movement, body and corporeality. She is interested in re-interpreting classical nude, translating movement into stable form and registering dynamic solid. She graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and in Culture Studies in Warsaw. Her graduating project was a book entitled Carnalis, being a collection of her photos and objects. She took part in workshops and coaching sessions with dancers and choreographers including: Benoit Lachambre, Peter Player, Keith Hennesy, Alva Noe, Jess Curtis, Miguel Gutierrez, Ivo Dimchev. She collaborated with choreographers including: Ivo Dimchev, Marta Ziółek, Anna Nowicka, Michelle Rizzo. Her works were presented in: Versal, Pingo, Carpaccio Mag, M Mag. In 2012 she was granted DanceWEB scholarship from Impulstanz festival in Vienna.

After the preview – Stick, performance by Marta Ziółek and Florentina Holzinger. Stick is a choreographic agreement between two performers, the agreement in which a regular object, such as stick, is an object of transformation and manipulation. Two performers explore and mutually drill themselves in positions, gestures, behaviours of domination and submission. Is appropriation and reconfiguration of these behaviours possible? What would be the gesture of appropriation then? Who would manipulate whom?

Florentina Holzinger – she graduated in architecture in Vienna. There she danced and worked with Belgian Theatercompany Kopergieterey. Then she moved to Amsterdam, where she currently studies choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). She studied composition, choreography and dance with such dancers and teachers as Deborah Hay, Robert Steijn, La Ribor and Benoit Lachambre. In 2008 and 2010 she received prestigious Dance Web scholarship from ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna. As a dancer and performer, she collaborated with such artists as: Deborah Hay, Rob List, Ann Liv Young, Jeremy Wade and Benoit Lachambre. She has staged her performances in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and New York. She was awarded art residence at: Workspace Brussels, Frascati Amsterdam and IMPACT Zollverein. Currently she is in the middle of European tour with her graduation work Kein Applaus fur Scheisse. He newest performance Spirits will be premiered in October 2012.

Marta Ziółek – she graduated in Interdisciplinary Individual Human Studies from the University of Warsaw. After graduating, she moved to Amsterdam, where she currently studies choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). She has taken part in numerous workshops and projects. She collaborated with artists including Deborah Hey, Robert Steijn, Maria La Ribot, Felix Ruckert, Julyen Hamilton. In 2011 she received prestigious Dance Web scholarship from ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna. She has staged her performances at international festivals including: Korean ExperimentalArtsFestival(K.E.A.F), ThePerformance festival Diverse Universe IV in Estonia,Inter-auto-prese-turbance-docu-formativity-Live Art in Helsinki, Springdance Festival in Utrecht and The Lucky Trimmer Festival in Berlin.

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