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On 15 September (5 pm) Syrena Theatre in Warsaw (ul. Litewska 3) will show the first solo project from Regina Advento, an artist who has been part of Pina Bausch’s Dance Theatre for over two decades. Presented in Warsaw as part of United Solo Europe festival, Dreamlines is an expression of Advento’s creativity, imagination and artistic freedom.

Having conceived of the idea to create a solo performance, Regina Advento would search for inspiration in the studio, spending hours alone in the company of a camera, working on subsequent elements of the piece. Dreamlinesis clearly influenced by Pina Bausch, yet it is also a very personal tale reaching back to the author’s Brazilian roots.

Other guests of the festival are: Bill Bowers, student of legendary mime master, Marcel Marceu, and American Anthony Nikolchev, who trained at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław. His monodrama’s co-directors are Yuriy Kordonskiy and Matej Matejka.

More about the pieces:

Anthony Nikolchev,The Echoes Off The Walls Underground Are Louder Than Your Footsteps Above Me

Bill Bowers,It Goes Without Saying

About the festival:

UNITED SOLO EUROPEbrings together a variety of different artists from all around the globe all sharing the idea of solo theatre. The festival a famous showcase of a great variety of theatrical forms, embracing puppetry, dance theatre, to multimedia works, improvised performances, stand-up comedy, illusionism, and finally dramatic theatre with both comedies and tragedies. As well as making a wider audience familiar with the most exquisite of monodramas, the festival serves to unearth original scripts, provoke an exchange of ideas and an attempt to bring together artists and audiences under the motto:

You think solo You feel solo You act united

The United Solo Theatre Festival in New York has won praise and recognition around the world.

The Warsaw event will also feature workshops run by the guest artists.

United Solo Europe will present the best works of the previous festivals.


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