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On Wednesday, 5 October 2016, the International Body/Mind Festival moves to the Nowy Theatre (ul. Madalińskiego 10/16). The venue will host a number of performances and accompanying events, including three social performances from Martin Schick?s Low-Budget Series (2015-2018). Opening the Wednesday bill will be a presentation of This is Gala, marking the 15th anniversary of the festival (7 pm). At 8 pm, the organizers will present Bataille and the Dawn of New Days choreographed by Anna Godowska and directed by Sławomir Krawczyński. For years, the Krawczyński/Godowska duo has worked on the in-depth methodology of theatre and dance based on Carl Gustav Jung?s psychoanalysis and Arnold Mindell?s process-oriented psychology. In their latest project, the director and the chorographer take on George Bataille, a perennial contester, precursor of postmodernism, creator of ?literature of transgression?. Drawing from Bataille, six dancer trace back their respective paths of socialization. In order to reach the regions inaccessible to language, they must allow themselves to act purposelessly and disinterestedly. 


The Nowy Theatre events will be accompanied by the launching of its Media Library, a place to discover the history of dance, provide users with additional information on artists and reflection on the significance of collections in the age of unobstructed access to virtual resources. The Media Library will be open daily between 3 pm and 10 pm, until 8 October.


On 6 October (7 pm), Martin Schick will present his performative start-up Corporation, Incorporated. Following the show, the Hungarian artist Csaba Molnár will take to the stage with his The Ox (8 pm). On Friday, 7 October (8 pm), Schick will present another piece of his, Halfbreadtechnique, which reflects on the ambiguity of charity. On 8 October (7 pm and 9:30 pm), Martyna Miller will show her The Perfect People ? interactive motion machine, choreographed by Irad Mazliah. The festival will conclude with a presentation of The Ninth by the Slovenian collective Via Negativa, choreographed by Anita Wach (8 October). 


As part of the accompanying events, the organizers would like to invite all interested parties to participate in Marta Ankieretszejn?s experimental photo shootings and the festival finale dance night Go! Go! Dance! (8 October, 10 pm). For twelve hours, the Body/Mind festival stage at the Nowy Theatre will be available to artists and the audience, enabling an exchange of skills between choreographers and teachers, on the one hand, and the spectators, on the other. The event is open to everyone ? participants will be able to test techniques, familiarize themselves with various aesthetics, and improvise. The night-long dance will conclude with a shared breakfast.


Detailed information on respective events:


Martin Schick: This is Gala? performance celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Body/Mind Festival

Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska: Bataille and the Dawn of New Days

Martin Schick: Corporation, Incorporated ? performative start-up

Csaba Molnár: The Ox

Martin Schick: Halfbreadtechnique ? performance of exchange

Martyna Miller: The Perfect Humans ? interactive motion machine

Via Negativa: The Ninth ? choreographed by Anita Wach




The festival is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and supported by the EU Culture Programme.


Media sponsorship: Aktivist,, Didaskalia,, LAVIE, Radio Dla Ciebie,,, TVP Kultura.


Partners: Open Latitudes, Eventim, Hungarian Culture Institute in Warsaw.


Co-organisers of the 15th edition of International Festival Body/Mind are the Nowy Theatre, Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle and Studio Theatre.


Tickets can be purchased on the Festival webpage ( and in all Eventim outlets (e.g. Empik stores, Media Markt, Saturn). They are also available in Studio Theatre and the Nowy Theatre, and one hour before shows, they can be purchased in the Centre for Contemporary Art.



Body/Mind Festival

The Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival has been held annually since 1995, when its first edition was organized by Edyta Kozak and Jarosław Żwirblis. Originally known as ?Małe Formy Teatru Tańca? and the first event of its kind in Poland, the festival was renamed to Body/Mind, presenting dance as a thought-provoking field which integrates the matter (body) with ideas (mind), offering new possibilities to present latest art projects. Since 2009, the festival has been held annually, with each edition heralded by a new leitmotif. The festival presents the oeuvre of groundbreaking artists of each generation, including many eminent international artists, for whom the festival frequently serves as the venue of Polish premieres of their work.



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