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The Korean Cultural Centre in Warsaw is pleased to invite everyone to the presentation of Shining Light by the Kim MaeJa ChangMu Dance Company, which will take place on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 (7 pm) at the Studio Theatre (pl. Defilad 1). The group is directed by MaeJa Kim, choreographer and Chair of the Dance Department at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, established in 1963 as the first higher education institution of its kind in Korea. The Kim MaeJa ChangMu Dance Company was founded in 1976 as an effort to recreate traditional Korean dance as present in the subsequent historical periods, and to establish new dance figures and sets capable of illustrating the modern world. Over the years, the company has initiated the transformation of Korean dance through uncommon choreographies combining stage movement with poetry and painting. Thus, Korean dance has been enriched by additional forms. So far, these new forms have been based on traditional dances, including shamanic, Buddhist, folk, and court dances.


About the piece:

Our journey illuminates the world through dance,

Solves all of the world?s mysteries,

Whenever light shines upon us,


We surrender ourselves to rapture.


Kim MaeJa ChangMu Dance Company
Artistic Director: MaeJa Kim
Dancers: JiYeon Choi, MiSun Kim, SungEui Kim, JuHee Pack, JunHyeong Pak
Music: Music Group NaMu (Aram Lee, MinWang Hwang, SeoungRyong Yeo)


The NaMu Music Company is an ensemble of Korean musicians, which debuted in 2015. Until then, since 2013 the group had collaborated with many artists representing various genres, including classical music, jazz, etc. The ensemble is led by the daegeum player and composer Aram Lee, whose traditional and modern pieces stress the importance of the roots of traditional Korean music. He is accompanied by Minwang Hwang on the janggu and ajaeng, and by percussionist and vocalist Seongryong Yeo. Each of the three is a renowned soloist.


Kim MaeJa ChangMu Dance Company


The ChangMu Dance Company dancers have introduced the world to the spirit and artistry of Korean dance at numerous stages and events, visiting over 100 cities in 20 countries in 35 years. They have performed at Deutsche Oper Berlin, Cairo Opera House, Kremlin Congress Hall, Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Lyon Biennale, and a number of festivals worldwide. 


 Centrum Kultury Koreańskiej (miniaturka)     Korea arts management service (miniaturka)



For more information visit the Korean Cultural Center website


Tickets: PLN 35

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