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On 29 October 2015 at 7 pm, the POMPKA Foundation and the Theatre Institute in Warsaw will host a solo performance by the Japanese artist Tetsuro Fukuhara. His piece Strange Fruit is an attempt to trace the butoh aesthetics back to its origins. Tetsuro Fukahara?s most important influence was Tatsumi Hijikata, with whom he collaborated, and who encouraged him to embark on, and develop, his own path. In 1972-1975, Tetsuro Fukahara studied butoh improvisation with Akira Kasai, launching his independent career in 1975. In 1983, he joined Hijikata?s piece Story of Seven Herbs, following which he developed his own concept of the ?New Butoh Space Dance? and established the Tokyo Space Dance. His international debut came with appearances in Paris and Berlin in 1990, supported by the Japan Foundation. He has been travelling around the world ever since.


Tetsuro Fukuhara?s solo piece Strange Fruit is a non-linear story. Accompanied by extremely beautiful, spacious music, the audience accompanies the dancer in his journey through the recesses of the human existence. Fused with a magical space-time, they are invited to experience butoh.

To me, butoh is a step inwards. A reclamation of the wild and the primeval in the human being, and a rebirth of the body, poisoned and lost in the contemporary world. In my butoh, the body is not a tool to express stories. The body is a story, says the artist.


Tetsuro Fukuhara began to work on his own dance in 1975; he is a dancer, choreographer, writer and director of the Tokyo Space Dance. Representing the second generation of butoh dancers (following in the footsteps of its founding fathers, i.e. Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno), the artist will visit Warsaw as part of his tour, during which he will visit Kampala and Istanbul, among others. The goal of his journey is to present the ?New Butoh Space Dance? project, which spans a range of activities based on body work, which?as he maintains?we tend to forget in the fervour of our daily lives. Nowadays, we all experience serious existential hardships. Members of information society, constantly looking for convenience, if not comfort, begin to lose their sense of reality, along with the sense of movement and the sensitivity to physical stimuli. Characteristically, we also struggle to differentiate between virtual and real images, says Fukuhara.


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During his stay in Warsaw, Tetsuro Fukuhara will also hold a workshop for adults (26-28 October).

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The children invited to participate in Warsaw?s ?Kids Space Dance in the Tube? at the Museum of Asia and the Pacific (30 October) will be able to create and present to their parents, with the help from the organisers, a simple choreography utilising exercises in the sense of sight and balance, the ability to move and walk smoothly, or the capacity to trust one?s own decisions.   





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Organiser: Pompka Foundation; more information about the artist in the gallery/performance section

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BUTOHSFERA, Japonia-online,  Torii magazine.

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