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Warsaw’s Dramatic Theatre [Teatr Dramatyczny] and the Warsaw Mime Centre [Warszawskie Centrum Pantomimy] are presenting the 13th International Mime Art Festival gathering mime theatres from across the world. Lasting from 23 to 31 August 2013, this year’s edition will offer: classical Marcel Marceau mime, physical theatre, modern mime, a show reminiscent of Henryk Tomaszewski’s work, as well as some light and funny miming straight from Ukraine. The festival will also feature a Modern Mime Evening made up of etudes coming to life during the festival to be performed by more than a dozen of artists. Traditionally, the festival will also offer open miming workshops conducted by artists representing different mime schools from across the globe – a perfect opportunity for anybody willing to take a go at this theatrical medium.

Since 2005 the festival has been led by Bartłomiej Ostapczuk as artistic director. Ostapczuk is a mime artist, teacher, mime theatre director, choreographer, stage movement designer, movement and mime consultant in dramatic theatres. He has founded the Mimo Mime Theatre and the Warsaw Mime Centre at Teatr Na Woli, which he has led since 2005. He collaborated on many mime and movement theatre projects.

The schedule:

23.08 (Fri) SZATNIA Wrocław Mime Theatre (Poland)

24.08 (Sat) DARK TRYLOGY Tantehorse (Czech Republic)

25.08 (Sun) AGUA DE LAGRIMAS Warsaw Mime Centre (Poland)

27.08 (Tue) Quartet DE.KRU (Ukraine)

29.08 (Thu) Modern Mime Evening

30.08 (Fri) TELL ME THE TRUTH… Compaqnie Mangano-Massip (France)

31.08 (Sat) FOLLOW LIGHT Bodecker & Neander Company (Germany)


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