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On September 26-27, 2015, Warsaw?s Teatr Studio will host performances of the 14th Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival organized by the Body/Mind Foundation. The festival will include presentations of projects prepared by artists from Portugal, Belgium and France. Tickets for all festival performances are now on sale. 


Ana Borralho & Jo?o Galante, who return to the Body/Mind Festival after their last year?s appearance featuring a presentation of ATLAS Warszawa, will present their performative installation sexyMF. The artists ask about the actual social identities of men and women, artists and spectators. The makeup put on the face is what makes it different from the remainder of the body gender-wise and distorts the conventional exchange of gaze. In order to dispel the illusion, spectators must decide what and who they see.



David Weber-Krebs?s Tonight, lights out! invites the festival audience to co-create the performance by performing a simple gesture which carries the weight of a collective decision. Krebs focuses his experiment on the relationship between a work of art and the audience. He creates interactive situations using diverse media and resources.

Tonight, lights out!


TORDRE attempts to address the questions posed by its author Rachid Ouramdane ? why do I dance the way I do? What do I think about when I decide to make a particular gesture? The intimate stories of dancers striving to comprehend their movement amount to an archive of subtle choreography 




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