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On 20-27 September 2013 Warsaw’s Teatr Studio will give stage to the 12th International Contemporary Dance Festival Body/Mind. This year the event will focus on one of the most controversial issues debated as regards art now – visual pleasure. Watching, viewing, looking is an ambivalent activity – natural and perverse at the same time, constituting both a means of perception and criticism of the object under the gaze. It is especially important in theatre, where an exchange of glances is a condition of communication and contact between actors and audience.

The motto of this year’s festival is the somewhat dubious “Yes, I like to look”, a declaration that could be attributed to anybody, but when uttered ostensively , it becomes a shameful urge, a taboo, a covert desire, a greedy craving, an unsatisfied want to consume, or plain helplessness. The declaration is as much a provocation as a diagnosis, as well as an encouragement to do away with the dictate of visuality. The festival’s programme is dominated by projects driven by the need to re-view and settle the score: they will be asking about the limits of visibility, the relations between perception and emotions, about technological transmission of experiences and related manipulations, about the performance of different dimensions of beauty and ugliness, and about spatial exclusions.

Edyta Kozak, the festival’s artistic director, says: “Body/Mind – a festival which likes to annoy, to shake the audiences out of their self-satisfaction and the safe way they took – this year will not focus on only one specific topic. It will raise a fundamental question about the future of contemporary dance. It will ponder over what inspires and urges the artists of tomorrow. It will provide an exciting insight into the present state of contemporary dance and it will touch upon a wide array of problems and dilemmas of modern society.”

The festival will start off with a comprehensive selection of pieces from Polish choreographers and artists. During the weekend of 20-22 September, we will see performances from Maria Stokłosa, Karol Tymiński, Kaya Kołodziejczyk and AnitaWach, among others. The weekend will be also rich in premieres, with new projects from Wojtek Ziemilski, Renata Piotrowska, and the musical and technological duo of Laszuk/Libera being presented along with a new interpretation of The Rite of Spring performed by Tomasz Wygoda and directed by Sławomir Krawczyński.Traditionally, the festival will feature stars as well as an enfant terrible of contemporary dance. Performing for the first time at Body/Mind will be Daniel Leveille, Canadian avant-garde new wave artist, who will present a radical yet highly ascetic choreography of naked bodies. Jérôme Bel and Hora Theatre will meet onstage to blow up theatrical forms, Juan Dominguez Rojo will present his unusual trilogy for the first time in Poland, while the ensemble John the Houseband and Françoi Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea, who presented their (M)imosa last year, will do everything to turn the usually passive theatre audience into a crowd of devoted fans buzzing with excitement…

The festival’s programme

The 12th Body/Mind Festival: 20-27 September 2013

Teatr Studio, Palace of Science and Culture, pl. Defilad 1, Warsaw

Tickets are on sale now: to make a purchase go to of 10 August ) or visit the box office of Teatr Studio (as of 16 August).


Duża Scena [Big Stage]: PLN 20-30

Scena Malarnia [Malarnia Stage]: PLN 15-20

Scena Modelatornia [Modelatornia Stage]: PLN 10

Tickets to multiple events: PLN 168-228
Available at the theatre’s box office as of 16 August

Tickets for professionals: PLN 10
Please apply by 10 September, 3 pm,
No. of tickets limited

Tickets to Clean Room:PLN 50; including three nights: 23, 25 & 27 September (buy now, only 50 tickets available!)

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