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The final day of the 14th edition of the International Body/Mind Festival (Thursday, 1 October),will feature three presentations at the Powszechny Theatre: two works in progress and one performance. At 6 and 7 pm, Ramona Nagabczyńska will present her ?Actions to relate to Verbs?, a project implemented in cooperation with students of the Warsaw Dance Department, inspired by the list known as the Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself drawn up in the 1960s by sculptor Richard Serra. Serra?s compilation is a score, a list of tasks to be completed.  By surrendering subsequent fragments of their personal interpretations, dancers engage in incessant negotiations amounting to a common movement system. At 9 pm, Iza Szostak will show her work in progress titled ?Balet koparyczny? [Excavatory Ballet], which refers to Oskar Schlemmer?s groundbreaking Triadic Ballet, a seminal work in the history of contemporary dance. The choreographer provides performers with a formal framework which completely changes the core of movement. The admission to Nagabczyńska?s and Szostak?s presentations is free upon reservation at the Powszechny Theater ticket office.


In between the works in progress, Hungarian dancer and choreographer Csaba Molnár will present his ?Decameron?, a piece devoted to the subject of otherness. Molnár recalls the work of two unruly Italians – Bocaccio and Pasolini ? to tell a slanted story of humanity with a characteristic frivolity and nonconformity. Frequent narration twists, illusion and bluffs make up a collage of grotesque figures. Subversive situations showcase convictions, truths and clichés that we are all aware of. An epic story roughly drafted or a choreographic camp confronting the viewer with unpredictability and non-obviousness of the world. 


Poszechny Theatre Ticket Office:

Phone no.: +48 22 818 25 16,

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday,  noon ? 6 pm


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Ramona Nagabczyńska: Actions to relate to Verbs ? work in progress

Csaba Molnár : Decameron

Iza Szostak: Balet koparyczny [Excavatory Ballet] ? work in progress


Video account of the first two days at the Festival:



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