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On Wednesday 19 November (6 pm) the Centre for Contemporary Art ? Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw hosted the Awards Gala of the 1st International Choreography Competition WarsawZAWIROWANIADance. All acts entered into the competition were shown on Monday and Tuesday at Teatr WARSawy.


Here is the list of five winnings acts:


1. Dan Van Huynh(Vietnam/England ) for đ?p  ? 1st prize (3000 euro), ZASP award, and award of the Masdanza festivals’ director ? invitation to the Masdanza competition in Canary Islands


2. Carlo Massari and Chiara Tavani (Italy) for Maria Addolorata ? 2nd prize (2000 euro).


3. Edo Ceder(Israel) for Aproximity ?  3rd prize (1000 euro), audience award ? invitation to the 2015 Zawirowania festival.


4. MichałAdam Góral(Poland) for No.2 ? award of Włodzimierz Kaczkowski, director of the Zawirowania festival ? invitation to the 2015 Zawirowania festival.


5. Carmen Larraz / Dinamo Danza for Broken Arrow ? award of the director of the Machol Shalem festival ? invitation to the Machol Shalem competition in Jerusalem.


Find more on the competition’s website:

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