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Two offerings lie in store for those who visit Centrum w Ruchu in Warsaw on 2 August: first, at 7.30 pm, will come the performance concluding the workshops ran by Les Filles Follen, followed by surfing by Magda Ptasznik and Eleonora Zdebiak at 8 pm. The workshops conducted by Barcelona’s Les Filles Follen and six Polish dancers have aimed to further develop a multimedia project called La Fatigue, set to premiere on 21 August at Zone Homa performance art festival in Montreal, Canada. Surfing is a work-in-progress initiated by Magda Ptasznik and Eleonora Zdebiak during their NRW Tanzrecherche residency in Bielefeld, Germany, which allowed the artists to engage in artistic research in a wider context and experiment. Admission to both performances is free.

Magda Ptasznik: “Surfing is a presentation of my work in progress and in particular the contents that surfaced during Tanzrecherche#11.Given the opportunity to conduct research in a longer perspective, I orbited around the subject of “materiality”, allowing myself to tacklethe problem in a wider context. Observing my actions – the assignments which I undertook and the way I got involved in them – I started tonarrow down my field of research, following the interests which manifested themselves the strongest in practice. Surfing originates from theexperience of personal attachment and inclination to objects. It does not aim to explore and represent relations between objects and subjects,but searches for the experience of objects. At the starting point of the process we decided to shift our manners of looking at objects – to firstof all look at objects and their responses to physical actions, and ask what this brings into space instead of asking what the object provokes

in my body. How do objects perform, manifest their independence in time and space while being in relation with us? What do they bringback to body and space? Searching for answers, we were provoking meetings, clashes and frictions between surfaces of different objects andobserving their effects. We do not aim to gain knowledge about objects/matters/surfaces, but rather to experience their meetings. This is aritual which does not reflect experience but aims towards it.”


conception, choreography, performance: Magdalena Ptasznik

collaboration on the concept, dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak

How to get to Centrum w Ruchu: Commuter rail line S1 or bus route 521 (get off at PKP Międzylesie) or by bus route 525 (get off at


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