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On Saturday, 14 November (6 pm), the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw (ul. Jazdów 1) will host a unique presentation of Karol Tymiński?s This is a musical, withdrawn from the programme of the 14th International Body/Mind Festival. The presentation will be followed by a discussion, in which panellists will debate curator Kozak?s decision to cancel the show which had been commissioned for that very festival. As noticed by Witold Mrozek of ?Gazeta Wyborcza?, ?had it not been for Kozak?s decision, 30 September would have seen another niche presentation at the ambitious festival with several dozen spectators in attendance, regardless of the merit of the piece. Instead, the fact that This is a musical was pulled out adds a dangerous rhyme to the long stanza of inglorious curtailment of artistic freedom.?


The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance. 

Following the presentation, Paweł Soszyński will host a panel discussion with Jacek Kochanowski, Edyta Kozak, and Izabela Szymańska.


Admission free upon previous reservation:
Phone. No.: 791 877 377


About This is a musical


Electronic music migrated to the virtual sphere thanks to the creation of the sample. This is a musical uses the human body as a source of sound, physicalizing it anew as an instrument. The body becomes the main theme of the performance, a mechanism delivering language used to describe its essence. It is experienced and experiences in parallel, becoming a receptor of itself. The need for a full experience, where sheer interaction with a physical tissue is insufficient, pushes the performer to the extreme. Balancing between roughness and tenderness he blurs the boundaries between the two.

The piece confronts the death of a human being which gives birth to a sexual machine. It poeticizes desires, reciting them not so much from the heart as through its repression.


choreography and performance: Karol Tymiński
music: Gradual
co-production: Open Latitudes, Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych
supported by: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Centrum w Ruchu


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