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Between 10-18 June 2017, Warsaw will become the centre of the world?s pantomime and movement theatre. As part of the 17th International Mime Art Festival, the Dramatic Theatre of the Capital City of Warsaw will host the legendary Bodecker Neander Company with their latest piece City Lights; the Ukrainian-Polish Sin Art Company?s visit to the hotel made of dreams; the Wrocław Mime Theatre s?s presentation of the world?s history as a story of cruelty and violence (inspired by Miechel de Ghelederode?s School for Bufoons); the Portuguese group GATO SA?s story of love and loneliness rendered through an original, minimalist, profound, and visually beautiful pantomime; and the A3 Theatre?s bittersweet story of a school form, verging beyond the borders of imagination. The festival will conclude with a confrontation of techniques, styles, and forms in etudes of artists from around the world, i.e. the Modern Mime Evening.


Pantomime, despite having a rich tradition in Poland of over fifty years, is always being discovered anew by consumers of culture. This is one of the reasons why, for the 17th edition of the International Mime Art Festival, we have invited performances that show the growth of the pantomime theatre worldwide. The art bases on an excellent knowledge of the theatre craft, a consciousness of the body, and an enormous sensitivity of its creators, says Bartłomiej Ostapczuk, Artistic Director of the Festival.


The festival programme, descriptions of the presented pieces, as well as the detailed information about the festival are available online at:



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