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In Between Festivals is a year-long cycle of events featuring the Berlin jazz and contemporary dance scenes. The autumn installment will include a joint presentation by Yui Kawaguchi (dancer) and Aki Takase (pianist), who will perform on 21 September 2016 with the fifth episode of Die Stadt im Klavier. On that same night, Magdalena Jędra will show her Le Pas Jaques. The first presentation will take place at the National Forum of Music (7 pm), while the second will begin at 8:30 pm at Bar Barbara (ul. Świdnicka 8c).


?Die Stadt im Klavier? is a cycle of processual meetings of two exquisite Japanese artists. Yui Kawaguchi is a choreographer, performer and dancer, whose choreographies emphasize the synchronization of motion with sound, while pianist and composer Aki Takase is a brilliant contemporary jazz and improvisation musician.


Fast-flowing traffic, flashing lights and a steady stream of people. Standstill. Every city has its own rhythm. Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase mirror these rhythms like microcosms under a magnifying glass, creating a new, utopian city in an interplay of choreography and improvisation.


In Between Festivals is a year-long cycle of events featuring the Berlin jazz and contemporary dance scenes. The September installment will include a joint performance by Yui Kawaguchi (dancer) and Aki Takase (pianist), as well as a presentation of Magdalena Jędra?s Le Pas Jaques.


The grand piano is the centerpiece of the evening. Aki Takase?s virtuoso mastery of the entire body of the instrument disintegrates it acoustically into individual components, creating links between intertwined harmonies, isolated tones and timbres. Yui Kawaguchi delves into these sound spheres and forms new structures and physical spaces through dance.


In the fifth installment of their series, ?Die Stadt im Klavier? (The City in the Piano), the Berlin-based artists draw inspiration from the western cadenza. The dynamic interplay of choreography, composition and improvisation turns into an abstract allegory of our urban life, one which may also interpreted both as a system of rules and their violation.


About Le Pas Jaques:


The movement and the rhythm were the very first metaphors of the passing time and at the same time the starting point of Jędra?s work. A solo was created ? from an illusion of time being faster than ever, sadness because of the fact that all human affairs are immersed in entropy, things that seem to be alright only for a short moment of certainty, unpredictable events along with their consequences. Colorful trash, second-hand amendments, expressways, the grinning speaker of the parliament ? things posterity will experience as mere photographs.


Premiere: 3 December 2011, Gdansk
Concept, choreography, performance: Magda Jędra
Cooperation: Anita Wach, Mariusz Krawczyk
Music: collage
Production: Good Girl Killer

Co-financed by the Self-Government of the Pomorskie Province, the City of Gdańsk, and Klub Żak.


Admission free.


Concept/ChoreographyDance: Yui Kawaguchi 
Concept/Composition/Music: Aki Takase 
Stage design: Yui Kawaguchi, LAB:612 & Modellbau T.Kraus
Light and technical direction: Fabian Bleisch
Costumes: SADAK
Production: Marie Henrion

Produced by Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase in co-produktion with the Museum of Art, Kochi (Japan), the Luxemburg Philharmonic and Sophiensaele. In co-operation with the Centrum Kultury Agora Wroclaw, the Osterfestival Tirol and Nico and the Navigators. Sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund Berlin.


Tickets: PLN 25, 40 and 60 




In Between Festivals is not just a festival. It is a year-long series of concerts and contemporary dance shows. The participants include some of the stars of Berlin?s alternative scene, many of them performing in Wrocław for the first time. In the first half of the year, Hermann Heisig, Rafał Dziemidok and Ewa Garniec, Maria F. Scaroni, Vania Rovisco and Jule Flierl will present their dance productions. These events will be accompanied by talks hosted by Ania Nowak, Agata Siniarska and Karolina Wycisk. In Between Festivals is part of the Wrocław-Berlin collaboration project initiated by the Zukunft Berlin Foundation and the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. Project partners include Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Hewlett Packard, Kulturprojekte Berlin, Luneta, Mediapool and Mica Moca. The project is financed by the European Commission and the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie in Berlin.

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