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After 26 years, Leszek Bzdyl returns to the Wrocław Mime Theatre. This time, Bzdyl appears as director, presenting Emptiness. Desert. Nothing., a performance based on Witold Gombrowicz?s Diaries. This is the first show he directs in the theatre where he performed in 1987?1990 as a mime in Henryk Tomaszewski?s team. The premiere will be held on 8 March at 7 pm in Polski Theatre in Wrocław (Świebodzki Train Station Stage, pl. Orląt Lwowskich 20 c), with more shows on 9 March and 1?3 April, all at 7 pm.



Emptiness. Desert. Nothing is an attempt to translate the form and subjects that intrigued Gombrowicz into the language of mime theatre. It is a blow to the language contexts and confusions in his works; it is a scandal and a profanation, an attempt to get one man lost in another man, and then in yet another and another. Let him squirm in front of the other, let him kneel, let him be left with no way out or escape.


Ladies and gentlemen!


Deliver a blow to Gombrowicz! Turn Gombrowicz into a mime act!

Take the words away from him, leaving only the bodies, bodies entangled in other bodies! Put one man in front of another man. In emptiness. Let him squirm in front of the other man, let him unwittingly turn into the other, let him transform under the burden of another man, let him get lost in another man, and then in yet another and another!


Saturate the audience with passions and abstractions, chaos and calculation. Let them watch these… these Golgotas!


This performance is an expression of vanity. It?s a scandal and a profanation. Monday ? Gombrowicz, Tuesday ? Gombrowicz, Wednesday ? Gombrowicz, Thursday ? Us. Gombrowicz has crept into us. We have crept into Gombrowicz. In a moment, we?ll creep into you. And no one will know any longer who they are in this wandering around the Desert.


If Marian… if Witold… if this Gombrowicz, while at the end of his road of leaving a personal mark on the world, maintained that he wanted to write something that escapes literary categories, something that would be neither a novel nor a play, and would be based on the relationship of just two characters: a Man and a Suffering Fly, than didn?t he downgrade himself, didn?t he reduce himself to the role of an observer… the role of an observer of a plot without a story… didn?t he set a direction for this liberating Nothing?


Mime act. Emptiness. Desert. Nothing. And an imaginarium of human moves!


Come and watch. Have fun!


Leszek Bzdyl




Emptiness. Desert. Nothing.

direction: Leszek Bzdyl

stage set: Maciej Chojnacki

music: Mikołaj Trzaska

choreography and acting: Agnieszka Dziewa, Monika Rostecka, Paulina Jóźwin, Jan Kochanowski, Zbigniew Koźmiński


Project co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Logo MKiDN angielskie (miniaturka)


Tickets: Polski Theatre

booking: 71 337 21 03



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