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On 27 October 2018 (7 pm), the Wrocław Opera will host the premiere of presentation of Giselle choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, arranged by Ewa Głowacka and Zofia Rudnicka. A Romantic story in which the real world interweaves with that of apparitions, Giselle?s libretto is based on a legend of a beautiful village girl who falls in love with a prince without knowing his true identity. When it surfaces that her love is no peasant but an aristocrat, Giselle takes her own life in desperation, but the story continues. Upon her death, Giselle?s grave is visited by the miserable prince Albrecht, the purported peasant who mourns the death of the young village girl. Giselle?s ghost, who is about to join the group of the vilas ? nocturnal apparitions who bring death to the stray wonderers in the woods ? rises from her grave. Giselle?s ghost saves Albrecht from doom, and bids him farewell for eternity. Adolphe Adam?s ballet is a typical Romantic piece with characteristic and catchy melodic themes. The Wrocław version of Giselle has been developed as a classical production in the grain of the finest ballet dance traditions. Repeat presentations will take place on 28 October 2018 (6 pm) and 30 October (7 pm), followed by performances in November and December..


Conductor: Ayyub Guliyev

Music: Adolphe Adam

Choreography: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot

Choreographic arrangement and development: Ewa Głowacka, Zofia Rudnicka

Costumes and stage design: Tatiana Kwiatkowska


Tickets at PLN 50-150 are available online at and at the Wrocław Opera box office:


Monday-Sunday: 12 pm ? 7 pm

Sunday: 11 am ? 6 pm


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