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The Holy Week or, more specifically the Paschal Triduum, sees Christians celebrate the theme of death and resurrection of Christ. During this year?s Holy Week, the Wrocław Opeara will present Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?s monumental vocal and instrumental Requiem in d-minor. The presentations by the Wrocław Opera ballet company will mark the first performance of the work as a ballet piece, choreographed by Jacek Tyski, who will transcribe eschatological musings onto dance. The dates of the presentations are not accidental (13-15 April 2017, 7 pm) ? the libretto of the requiem mass coupled with ballet dance is intended to assist the audience in immersing in the symbolism of these special days in the Christian calendar, and help them prepare for the coming of Easter.


The dancers will be accompanied by singers: Joanna Moskowicz, Maria Rozynek-Banaszak, Katarzyna Haras-Kruczek, Iryna Zhytynska, Igor Stroin, Aleksander Zuchowicz, Marek Paśko and Tomasz Rudnicki. The Wrocław Opera Choir, conducted by Anna Grabowska-Borys, will both sing and contribute to Jacek Tyski?s choreography. The artists will be accompanied by the Orchestra of the Wrocałw Opera conducted by Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski. Visual aspects have been commissioned to Karol Dutczak (stage design), Otto Bubeniček (costumes), Karolina Mełnicka (video screenings) and Olga Skumiał (lighting design).


About the piece:

We all remember the scene in which a man dressed in a black cloak and mask commissions the fear-stricken Mozart to write a requiem mass. Accepting the proposal, the composer does not know the music is intended for his own funeral. In his Amadeus, Miloš Forman attributed Salieri with diabolical features, even though Mozart?s actual Requiem in d-minor was not inspired either by his now-legendary adversary or unclean spirits.


The power and artistry of the last work composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart provokes one to approach it with particular attentiveness. When extracted from popular context, Requiem in d-minor KV 626 is a work deeply steeped in the Christian tradition, one whose phrases emanate with reflection on the beginning and end. Mozart?s Requiem will resound at the Wrocław Opera during the Holy Week, expanded to include a ballet stratum. A majestic work for choir, soloists and orchestra will be enriched by a choreography created by Jacek Tyski, who will transpose eschatological reflections onto dance.



Choreography: Jacek Tyski

Conductor: Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski

Stage design: Kartol Dutczak

Costumes: Otto Bubeníček

Lighting design: Olga Skumiał

Video screenings: Karolina Mełnicka

Vocal coaching (choir): Anna Grabowska-Borys






Solo parts

Magdalena Ciechowicz, Daniel Agudo Gallardo, Natsuki Katayama, Dajana Kłos


Solo parts:

Remy Lamping, Rina Nishiuchi, Sergii Oberemok, Łukasz Ożga





Joanna Moskowicz



Iryna Zhytynska



Igor Stroin



Marek Paśko


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